Tuesday, September 9, 2008


If you have paid any attention to this blog, you know that I am a nut for hearing every point of view.

I had some really great people donate to me for my trip to Denver. One of the first to step up was Lois. She was (and is) a Hillary Supporter. She not only gave me money, she gave me a gift card so that I could eat while I was there. You caint say bad 'bout Lo to me! Lois is a Native American and lifelong Democrat.

I asked all my donors before I left for their opinions on the race. After returning, I decided before I published their pre Denver thoughts I should check back in with them on how they felt after the convention.

Here's Lois.


Lois met me at the Palms. And we sat for about an hour discussing politics and the election season. she made it clear "none of my money is to go to Obama!"

Of course, as the loyalist of the Hillary loyalists I had no problem saying it would not be a problem keeping that promise. This was before my time spent in the hypocrisy of Camp Hillary.

Lois had a litany of complaints against Obama. First and foremost she didn't feel he was qualified to be President. She felt his time spent with Reverend Wright showed a basic lack of good judgement. She also had huge issues with his past. His original election where he had his opponents removed by legal challenges (including his Black female mentor) irked her and pointed out a deception in his claims to be a "new kind of politician."

Lois REALLY had issues with the MSMs treatment of Hillary Clinton. As do I. She felt that MSNBC was the worst in it's sexist slant against Mrs. Clinton. She adamantly wanted the Hillary delegates counted fully and fairly (we know how that went) and felt that as a lifelong Dem she deserved that much.

After the convention, I sent a questionaire out to the donors. Here's Lois' response.

1/ What was your opinion of Governor Palin before the speech/Good

2/ Did the speech change your opinion of her? Yes.
3/ Did your decision on who you will vote for change because of the speech? Yes.

4/ What is your opinion of the speech? Great!

5/ Should the Democrats worry about Governor Palin now, after her speech? Yes

6/ Governor Palin made quite a few comments in a sardonic way about Barack Obamas qualifications to be President. Did any of those comments hit him "where it hurts"? Yes! I wish Hillary could've been so brash about the fake O.

7/ How should the Dems respond to the Governors speech? Tell the truth about themselves.

8/ Does the Palin families personal troubles/issues matter to you and if so why? No, not my business. I voted for Bill Clinton even after knowing of his affairs. It was all about the country and my wallett.

9/ Are the families of the candidates off limits? Yes. However some have enquiring minds and must know, and, well, so-be-it, it is game!

10/ Is Cindy McCains personal fortune off limits? No. Although, we already know of her wealth, it will be redundant.

11/ Since she has been a forceful campaigner for Senator Obama, is she off limits? Michelle, is not off limits! Her mouth always drags her back into the fray! (if that is who you are talking about).

12/ Best part of Governor Palins' speech? Her strength, her love of country, and mostly, her ability to not run away from who she is.

13/ Worst part? Saw none. Except that maybe she could have given us a little more on her war opinions.

14/ Will Hillary Clinton backers now switch over to McCain? I don't know, but I will!!

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