Tuesday, September 16, 2008


This election has shown me something very basic.

Democrats can be just as stupid as republicans.

Case in point. "Lipstick on a pig."

C'mon people, we all know what Barry meant when he said that. The crowd knew what he meant. He waited a Lenobeat for the comment to sink in.

The "outrage" of republicans should have been expected.

I am a firm believer in "anything I say behind your back I'll say to your face." If I called you a smegma loving uncle fukker behind your back, I'll say it to your face. I might even add in something to bring you to tears if you forced me to say in front of other people (I'm cute, but deadly when fucked with, sorta like a cornered Bunny. Playboy.).

Our guy didn't own up to it. How could he? He shouldn't have said it.

But, we Dems are surrounded by dumbkoffs who really should just shut the hell up.

Madonnas' latest video (this bitch has been making videos since her days with the Mack Sennet studios) somehow manages to juxtapose Pop N Fresh with Adolf Hitler, Stalin, etc.. Obama is compared to the Dalai Lama, Bob Geldorf and I think God.

Real quick you red string wearing fake pretendabe almost Jewish (when you're spouting that Kaballah cult crap) distorter of history.

HITLER!? I don't even like Pop but this not only is over the top, it's insulting to the millions of Jews, Gypsys, Christians, Mentally Ill AND GAYS THAT HITLER HAD MURDERED! MILLIONS!


Our guy is compared to the Dalai Lama.

Let's talk about that fraud.

You see, he is a "living God." I'm cool with that, after all, so is Jason Momoa from Stargate.

The Dalai, however, lived in splendor in a huge castle overlooking his dirt eating "subjects" down below. Well, for whatever the reasons, the Chinese decided to take his little kingdom from him. Now, I'm no religious authority but I think another "living God" chose to die for his people so that they could live lives dedicated to doing good to and for their fellow humans (ok, so we know how that turned out, but it wasn't Jesus' fault, the republicans got ahold of him and......).

I'm just saying.


Well, Dalai, when the going got ruff, ran like a virgin at a prison riot.


Yeah, the Tibetan people have lived under the iron thumb of the Chinese ever since. Recently, when they had finally had enough, they rioted.

When Benazir Bhutto felt her country needed her she went back to Pakistan and gave her soil her blood. Martin Luther King stood on a balcony and received a shotgun blast for sticking to his principles.

The Dalai Lama knows how to order room service at any Four Seasons hotel in the world

"Yes, charge the pork chops to, oh let's see, yes, charge it to the idiots in Hollywood who keep pushing me as a great world figure. Yes, that Richard Gere, oh no, he paid for my private jet here. Bono, oh no, he's supporting African dictators. Hmm, Madonna, yes, Madge. Oh, and please, some of that blood sausge I love so."

And that Geldorf dude. Have you ever read an English tabloid? Check one out or do a search on Peaches and Pixie Geldorf. Crazy rich bitches who make Lindsay and her bf Steve seem like cheerleaders from Minnetonka. Seems while he was out saving the world his ex commited suicide leaving him to ruin the lives of his girls.

I'm just saying.

My point is thus.

When we Dems come up with all this really stupid crap we come off like the kid on the playground who stomps his feet and cries when he gets hit in dodgeball.

It's just whiny.

And let's face it, when that kid cries, what's your first reaction the next time you go to recess?

You throw that ball even harder at that little bitch to see him go apeshit.


Stop crying and throw the issues ball right back at Team Endora and aim for the head!

Just stop whining and for chrissakes Hollywood........


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