Friday, September 12, 2008


You never know what's going to happen when you go to work.

Most days you stop and have some coffee and b.s. with your work buddies before putting out a small fire and then start looking at the clock anticipating quitting time.

Brush. Spit. Rinse.

17 February 2006, Ignacio Ramos and Jose Campeon probably started their day just like they always had.

Brush. Spit. Rinse.

Osbaldo Aldrete-Davila probably started his day the same way he always did.

Aldrete-Davila loaded up his van with 800lbs of drugs and headed off to poison America via Fabens, Texas. An illegal alien, he made an attempt to make a run for the border after officer Campeon spotted and pursued him. He abandoned the van and ran towards Mexico. Officer Campeon ran after him.

Campeon was shot and laying in the Texas dirt, his blood turning into mud beneath him when officer Ramos found him after Campeon had called for backup. Ramos took off after Adrete-Davila. While chasing him he thought he saw the drug dealer brandish a gun. He fired at him. Since the perp didn't stop he assumed that he had missed.

He didn't miss. He shot him in his ass.

Ok, now it's get freaky.

Did you know that Border Patrol agents cannot go over the speed limit to pursue a criminal? It's also against the law to shoot a fleeing illegal alien even if you think they have a gun.

Long story short. The dealer was granted FULL IMMUNITY to testify against the officers! AND you may not have medical insurance but the drug dealer got full medical treatment at one of the best hospitals in Texas. He was able to get that treatment because the Feds gave him full immunity to come back to the states as long as he would testify against the agents for violating his civil rights!


The officers are now sitting in jail for getting up, going to work and doing their jobs.

Brush. Spit. Rinse.


The drug dealer? Probably cruising downtown El Paso with his full immunity.

Senator Obama, this is straight up crazy! Please, make this story the story of good AMERICANS who are being abused by the republican controlled justice department. Point out that the party of Law and Order are prosecuting AMERICANS for protecting our country's borders. What happened to the Homeland Security that they used to force the Patriot act down our throats? Would the pusher have had anywhere near this treatment if he had had the temerity to be born a Muslim? His little ass would be on the first unmarked Learjet to Cuba.

Sir, stop apologizing for the "pig" thing (what were you thinking?) and work to get these guys out of jail.

Demand it.

Demand President Bush pardon these guys like he did Scooter Libby, who, btw, should have been hung from a tree for acts of treason.

This is an issue that takes one person, yourself, to sound the bell. You can shine the spotlight on these guys and do the whole country a favor AND point out the hypocrisy of the republican party and it's War on Terror. This is something that AMERICANS from Compton to Greenwich can understand and agree on.

Do the right thing AND take back the narrative in this campaign.Please.



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