Tuesday, September 9, 2008


I'm a political groupie. There, I said it.

The best part for me personally, in Denver was that I got to meet so many political stars (and Star Jones!). I was especially impressed by the women of the Democratic party.


I also am a huge fan of our Atty General Catherine Cortez Masto and her future "first lady" hubby.

I came away from a luncheon on the last day of the convention head over heels for a lady from rural Gardnerville in Douglass county up north. She lives on her own little 2 1/2 acre swath of heaven in Gardnerville. She sits on the planning commission (the first Democrat ever to hold that position) and is running for the Assembly District 39 as a fiscal conservative with an eye to profitable, yet, sensible development for her district.

Joetta Brown and her husband retired to Gardnerville after originally intending to re-locate to the Lake Tahoe area. A friend suggested she and her husband look into rural Gardnerville. They looked around and loved the land and the people of northern Nevada. They settled in and became active members of the community.

"Gardenerville has fantastic views and a great sense of community, I wanted to be involved." After 30 years as a banker Joetta was ready for a slower pace of life. She had spent a career in banking achieving such personal milestones as writing over 200 business plans that resulted in over $5 million in loans for small businesses.

"I became concerned with some of the uncontrolled development I saw happening in Douglass county. I didn't want to stop it, I know as well as anyone that we need a strong business base and smart development to enrich the lives or our community." She did, however, want to help prevent the same types of blight in the name of business that she saw in California.

"It's important that we work together with businesses and citizens to establish a long term vision for development with a goal of enriching both the business community and the life of it's citizens", Joette told me.

I can honestly say that it was refreshing to hear Joetta speak about politics from a common sense point of view.

It's so rare.

Check out her webpage and, if possible, send her a donation and a word of support.

Click on it.

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