Tuesday, September 9, 2008


I met one of my heroes in Denver outside of the Convention hall.

And Lanny Davis was there too.

Michael Steele is the former Lt. Governor Of Maryland. He's the first Black person to have that pretty impressive gig. He's probably the best looking Black Republican you will ever lay your eyes on.

By far.

I asked Mr. Steele ("Steele, Michael Steele") what's up with the republican party and the LGBT folks in this country? When will the republican party join the rest of the civilized world and accept Gays as full party members and citizens?

He told me, "hang in there, a change is gonna come, a change is gonna come."

He smiled the most incredible smile at me and I could only hope he was telling me the truth.

Actually, I don't care.

Just keep smiling Lt. Governor Steele, I'll even believe the republicans might.....WHOA! I almost fell for it!

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