Friday, May 18, 2012

Derek Washington For Democratic National Convention Delegate

Nomination Form for the NSDP 2012 Elections This form will be reproduced and distributed to all State Convention Delegates Name: Derek L. Washington Address: 604 Truluck Lane Las Vegas Nevada 89106 County: Clark Congressional District: CD1 E-mail address: Gender (circle one): Male Employment: Self employed as a consultant Position seeking: National delegate Clark At-large Executive Board Member: __________ Washoe At-large Executive Board Member: ___________ Rural At-large Executive Board Member:_________ National Committeewoman: ___________ National Committeeman: __________ Please state why you are seeking to run for this office: From the time I arrived in Nevada until today, this state and the Democratic Party have been very good to me. Now, it’s time for me to pay back the state and Democratic Party for saving my life and giving me purpose again. Like many people who call this state home, I am not a native. My parents came here in the early eighties and always told me I should make a good life here. I thought Nevada was too slow compared to Los Angeles and thought I was better than the “locals” I saw being advertised to on television. Only later did I find out that those “locals” were damn good folks who actually had a strong sense of community and friendship. I arrived here a wreck, to be perfectly honest. I had just been diagnosed with full blown AIDS and a T-Cell count of 54. The amazing Nevadans who work in healthcare gave my mother and me incredible support as we navigated the endless paperwork and lines that being sick entail. I begged God every night to ”please let me die in my sleep”, as I felt that I was a burden to my poor mom. The pain and helplessness just seemed too much to bear. When I was stricken with shingles (a pain I wouldn’t put on my worst enemy) I hoped that my time on this mortal coil had come to an end. Nevadans, like the folks at AFAN and the Wellness Center, saved my life and got my mom through what had to be a horrible time for her. I’ll never forget waking up in the hospital in the early morning to see a single tear drop dried on mom’s face. She never cried in front of me. That broke my heart. I made myself a promise I would change my life and give back to everyone who helped us and I would make my mom proud of me. I started watching MSNBC and became a huge Hillary Clinton fan. On the day of the caucus I left home on my own for the first time to go vote for her. Long story short, I ended up an alternate delegate for her. Of course, I had no money after having been lying weak on my mom’s couch for almost a year. I did have a desire to support my ideal Democrat. I started an email and online campaign to get to Denver. My campaign attracted the attention of journalist Steve Friess and before I knew it, I was in Denver in political Geek heaven! While in Denver I saw the hope on the faces of the Obama supporters. From little children to the homeless, when people spoke of him, they glowed. After Hillary released her delegates, I made it my mission to do all I could to elect Barack Obama. I owed that to my country, my party and my new state, Nevada. I knew that if he didn’t win, we Democrats would lose so many people who would never again participate in the great American tradition, no, right, of voting. I have worked tirelessly since then to make sure that the President has the support of the LGBT and Progressive communities. I have worked hard to make sure that Senator Reid was reelected. I beamed with pride as I stood alongside my fellow Stonewall board members next to him, at his request, on the stage the day after he beat the right wing in 2010 to serve another term as Senate Majority Leader of the United States. I heartily promise you that I look forward to living up to Nevada’s “Battle Born” reputation as we go into battle to keep Nevada Blue and reelect Barack Obama for four more years to continue being the best President America has ever had. I also promise you I will live up to the “Battle Born” motto as a Nevada National delegate and fight harder than anyone to preserve Nevada’s place as one of the most important states in the Democratic Party. I am Derek Washington. I am not just a Democrat. I am a Battle Born Democrat! Please state any experience that you would like to share that prepares you for this position (please feel free to attach a bio): President Nevada State Stonewall Democratic Caucus Chairman Stonewall Democrats of Southern Nevada Former LGBT Outreach Director Clark County Democratic Black Caucus Director of Diversity Outreach National Equality March Led the drive which resulted in the reopening of Huntridge Park Activist of the Year “Desert Companion” Magazine Grassroots Activist of the Year Henderson Democratic Club Top Nevada Political Influencers “Politics and Campaigns” Magazine Led the coalition that led to Senator John Ensign signing for the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” “It Gets Better” Co-produced annual anti-bullying rallies with Culinary 226 Stopped local financial support of the “Kill the Gays” bill in Uganda Supported the formation of Stonewall / Gay and Lesbian Center of Southern Nevada Youth Scholarship “Factor 54” Co-produced event celebrating the role of women voters and political candidates Senator David Parks Library at Gay and Lesbian Center of Las Vegas Nationally recognized leader on LGBT, Human Rights and HIV issues Aid for AIDS of Nevada Diversity Outreach and Social Media Consultant QVegas Top People with Pride (two years) Top Ten LGBT Community Members “The Light Group” Frequent Guest on shows such as “Face to Face with John Ralston”, “The Agenda”, KNPR “State of Nevada” and others advocating on behalf of the Democratic Party and its values Co-Producer of the upcoming “Day in The Park” as part of the DowntownLV Project Contributor to several local magazines as a lifestyle writer Other Biographical information upon request Please check out my Youtube channel for more info Derek Is a Democrat Follow me on Twitter @iamderekw Facebook Derek TheVegasStyleGuy Washington Please e-mail this form to or mail or fax to “Nominations” at the Nevada State Democratic Party: Fax: 702-735-2700 Nevada State Democratic Party Attn: Nominations 1210 S. Valley View Blvd. Ste. 114 Las Vegas, NV 89102

Friday, May 13, 2011

Chris Giunchigliani calls for downtown and event parking overhaul

Chris Giunchigliani calls for downtown and event parking overhaul

Mass towing of cars parked for monthly First Friday event is clear indication that downtown needs more free parking, better planning

LAS VEGAS-Candidate for Mayor Chris Giunchigliani today called for immediate steps to correct the First Friday mass towing debacle. “This marks a failure of planning by City Hall as it should not come as a surprise that people need a place to park if they are going to attend First Friday,” Giunchigliani said.

“The city is over-reliant on parking meters and paid parking. I’ve proposed long-term solutions to downtown parking. I’m also asking the Municipal Court to review the large number of statements that indicate there was not adequate posting on the property.”

While the city did provide some shuttle service for attendees, the supply was clearly inadequate for the event. “This was a failure to properly plan for the event. The city could have negotiated with the parking lots and found a means to provide free parking for attendees,” Giunchigliani said. “This is a clear example of why we need more parking and more free parking downtown.”

Giunchigliani believes attendees should not have to pay for the improper planning. She commented, “It is obvious from the sheer number of towed cars that the lots were not properly signed. That is why I am calling on the Municipal Court today to consider waiving the parking fines or at a minimum reducing the fees. Las Vegas residents should not suffer because of a lack of proper preparation.”

Increasing the number of free parking spots has long been a part of Chris Giunchigliani’s 7-Point Business Plan for Las Vegas.

Giunchigliani commented, “Downtown needs more free parking to encourage people to spend time there. This mass towing is going to discourage people from coming downtown and we can’t afford to let it happen again. We need to be better prepared to accommodate visitors who have cars.”

Wednesday, May 11, 2011



Veracity is NOT her strongest point:

Carolyn Goodman says that she just “woke up and decided to run the morning of filing”. NOT TRUE. She has a full campaign staff, signs and T-shirts ready to go. WHY is that important? Do you want a Mayor whose very first statement isn’t true on the day they file?

She told “You People” at The NAACP that she “understands what you go through, I live behind UMC.” She lives “behind UMC” like Las Vegas is next to Los Angeles. Why tell people in the most depressed part of Las Vegas that you “are one of them” when you live in one of the most exclusive parts of town?

She says that she has debated “18 times”. No one can figure out where that math comes from. The total is closer to six. Carolyn goes by the old adage that if you repeat it enough, it becomes truth. Google what other historical figures lived by that mantra. In addition, she has avoided debates and cancelled debates, even on the little kids at The 100 Academy of Excellence. She has set rules where she will not speak at the same time as her opponent. Why? Possibly she’s afraid that she’ll be shown for the inexperienced candidate that she is.

She has NO experience at all:

Carolyn can say all day and night that she has run a non-profit for 30 years and that still does not translate into EXPERIENCE. The non-profit world is vastly different from a city with hundreds of millions of dollars in obligations and all sorts of groups that do not live in fear of their jobs if they challenge her. Have you seen the tuition schedule? How is the school non-profit when they are currently charged $22k a year for high school students and REQUIRE alumni to donate to their program every year (at least once a year) after graduation? The tuition rates are higher than UNLV or some out of state college tuitions. It may be non-profit but it sure is profitable. Nonetheless, this doesn’t equal the experience needed to run a major U.S. city in the throes of a recession.

If sitting on the board of a non-profit equals big city government experience, we’re in trouble.

Ok, let’s do the “3am Emergency call” scenario. It’s 3am and the Mayors phone rings to tell her that there is a terrorist hostage situation at a Downtown Casino. Do you want someone who runs a non-profit to answer? What are they going to do, call a donor, stat?

WHO is SHE? Carolyn began by saying that she was “her own candidate”. When people began to ask who that candidate is, she backtracked and began saying she and her husband were a “two for one deal”. Besides insulting the voters who want term limits by being a shill for yet another term of her husband, Carolyn has gone back on her statement that she is “her own candidate.”
WHO are you?

CAROLYN GOODMAN HAS NEVER BEEN A FRIEND OF THE LGBT COMMUNITY: Ask yourself this; where was Carolyn at this years AIDS Walk? PRIDE? HRC Gala? NCOD? Any event at The Center whatsoever? When asked if she supported Gay Marriage she asked, “why can’t Gays just sign a contract and split everything 50/50 when one of you dies?” She said NO to Qvegas for an interview. No Friend to us.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Chris G to #oscarswife: Come Out Come Out Wherever You Are!

Candidate for Mayor Chris Giunchigliani challenges Carolyn Goodman to series of
debates across Las Vegas

Giunchigliani calls for an on-going conversation with Las Vegas residents emphasizing experience, vision and the ability to get the job done
LAS VEGAS—Candidate for Mayor Chris Giunchigliani today issued a challenge to fellow candidate Carolyn Goodman to join her in accepting every opportunity to debate over the next two months so voters have the information they need to make an informed choice about who should lead Las Vegas for the next four years.

“I look forward to having an ongoing conversation with the Las Vegas community about the issues and who has the proven experience and understanding of the issues coupled with the vision and energy to get the job done,” Giunchigliani said. “As part of that conversation, I’m accepting invitations for debates before neighborhood organizations, established civic groups, business groups and associations, and the media. I hope that Carolyn Goodman is willing to join me at every debate the citizens of Las Vegas request of us.”

“I’m willing to attend and have a discussion on the issues facing Las Vegas and the qualifications needed to get the job done. I’ll participate either by myself or in a debate format,” Giunchigliani said. “We owe it to the voters to stand in the spotlight and make our positions and experience known.”

To date, Giunchigliani has confirmed every debate request. Unfortunately the Carolyn Goodman campaign has not confirmed several of the scheduled debates including these scheduled forums:

· NAACP Mayoral Debate: Saturday, April 16, 12:30 to 2:30 PM
· Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce: Wednesday, April 20, 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM
· NAIOP (Commercial Real Estate Development Association) Thursday, April 21, 7:15 to 8:30 AM
· Sun City Summerlin Residents’ Forum, Wednesday, May 11, 7:00 to 8:30 PM
· Channel 8 NewsNow Debate, Sunday, May 15, 6:00 to 7:00 PM (Giunchigliani has confirmed, but the schedule is tentative)
· Face to Face (Giunchigliani has confirmed two debates, but the schedule is tentative)

#oscarswife Come Out Come Out Wherever You Are!

Monday, April 4, 2011


This election season was supposed to be the one that I sat out after working so hard to reelect Senator Harry Reid and helping get the heinous "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" repealed.

But then, I met Chris Giunchigliani. I haven't rested since then.

Chris Giunchigliani has a resume that simply blows the other candidates running for Las Vegas Mayor out of the water. If you know me, resumes mean nothing to me. What has really impressed me is that different constituency groups have come to me and asked how could they help because Chris G wrote this bill or helped out that person and they wanted make sure she was our next Mayor. Black peoplle, Latinos, Women's groups, and Animal Rights Activists all came out and demanded to be a part of the "G-Unit". For the very first time, the Las Vegas Asian American community has come out in force to help Chris G win the Mayoral race. The Korean and Vietnamese community have both endorsed Chris G (the first time either group has endorsed a candidate!).

Chris has the only diverse campaign staff. Yes, the ONLY diverse campaign staff of any of the candidates running for Mayor of Las Vegas. They're are young and old, every color under the rainbow and LGBT all volunteering to help her be the next Mayor of Las Vegas. Don't you want a Mayor who undertsands that diversity if the key to a successful world class city?

I have a story that tells you the kind of Mayor Las Vegas will have with Chris G.

I work as a Diversity Outreach Consultant. A group of young Black women I'm helping invited Chris to come and speak to the at risk girls they are mentoring. Chris showed up after a long day at the County Commission and campaigning alone and as fresh as if she had just started her day. She spoke to the girls for about an hour and at the end of the talk she said, "before I leave, I have something for one of you." I had told Chris a few days before that one of the girls had just completed her courses and received her High School diploma. Chris took the time to get the young lady a certificate from the County congratulating this young lady.

That's who Chris G is. There were no voters, no press. Just a bunch of girls in West Las Vegas who mostly were too young to vote.

I could go forever about Chris G.

I won't.

I am just going to ask you to vote for Chris Giunchigliani For Mayor of Las Vegas.


These are MY views on this years Las Vegas municipal races. This has NO official status nor has any connection to any group I am a part of or anyone who I am employed by.

Chris Giunchigliani (see my previous note on why Chris G. is my choice for Mayor

Larry Brown would have been my choice had Chris G. not entered the race for Mayor. We need a leader in charge after 12 years as the nation's punch line and Larry would be the kind of leader we need now. Larry recently said he would support the repeal of SB283 (Domestic Partnership). He tells me that he misspoke and I believe him He took the time to meet personally with Chris Miller and me when he could have been out campaigning to LISTEN to us about LGBT issues. He is a man of good character and if Chris G. wasn't running, he'd have my vote.

3: George Harris is one of the reasons that downtown is coming back to life in spite of the red tape of the last twelve years. His restaurant, MUNDO, is an elegant yet unassuming place to dine and I wish him all the success in the world. He is absolutely right on wantting Government to stand aside Downtown and let small business owners do what they do best, create jobs. I am not voting for George because I think his views on some of our city's social ills are a tad extreme and hard hearted. I am no bleeding heart liberal, but, I worry the homeless will end up "Soylent Green" under Mr. Harris.

4: Katie Duncan is an amazing woman. She knows more about Green Energy than anyone running other than Chris. She has given Ward 5 a new image in her role as Ward 5 Chamber of Commerce head. I sincerely hope that Chris G. will find a place for her in her administration to advise her on Green Energy. Katie isn't seasoned enough to be the Mayor (her hiring of a "Birther" to be her campaign manager took her out of the running on day one.) ,but, it would be a waste if we don't see Katie Duncan around for the next few years.

5: The Crazy Dude with the Fireman hat. I love this dude because he asked the following question at the NAACP Mayors forum, "ask yourselves, how many of those showgirls over the last twelve years were Black?". BRAVO!

The others I thank for their service and participating in the democratic process. All of which brings us to #oscarswife....

I want a Mayor whom I can trust in the highest office in the city. #ocarswife said right up until the moment she announced that she wasn't interested in being Mayor. She did not tell the truth. You do not wake up one day and decide to run for Mayor of a large city and just happen to have a campaign staff on hand. Right there, I have a problem with your character.

At the NAACP forum #oscarswife referred to the assembled as "you people". She then went on to explain how she understood "your concerns with living in the inner city, I live behind UMC."

She lives "behind UMC" like I live in Puerto Vallarta. I don't. She doesn't. She lives in a neighborhood of million dollar estates protected by guards and gates. There is nothing wrong with that, hell, I want to live in that neighborhood. BUT, I would never try to pass it off as an inner city neighborhood.

At the Latina's In Politics forum, #oscarswife referred to "your rich culture" as if she was greeting the visiting Ballet Folklorico. She then went on to say how every child at "my school" learned Spanish. What is wrong with that? Nada. It is however rather insulting to think that because a group is Latino all they care about is the fact that a bunch of kids in Summerlin can speak Spanish. It was truly patronizing. That and a manufactured shopping trip to Cardenas grocery store really should take her out of the running for any Latino voter.

Lastly, this week she was asked by journalist Steve Friess if she supported the repeal of SB283. She said, well, who the hell knows what she said. Her answer was the equivalent of, "I can see Russia from my front door." at one point she said that Gays should "just get a contract and split everythin 50/50 when one of you died."


Worse was that the next day her campaign manager called back to say that #oscarswife supported SB283 and would not support its repeal. It was SO obvious that she had been told that was the wrong answer ,and further, that she could not be trusted to talk to a reporter on her own and a staffer had been dispatched to fix the situation.

Did I mentioned that this woman who is campaigning on her experience as an educator did not know what the DREAM ACT is?

Explain to me again how this person is qualified to be our next Mayor.

I'm waiting.

That's what I thought.

Please also vote for George Trachtman & Heidi Alamase for judge. They are both fair and honest people who deserve a chance to prove that they will be the best upholders of the law.

WARD 3 is real hard for me. Steve Evans lives and breathes Downtown. There is nothing he doesn't know or hasn't had a hand in as Downtown has reemerged. He would be an amazing city councilman and if I lived in his Ward I would have a very hard time not voting for him.

Adrianna Martinez is a great lady and an Emerge graduate. She understands the needs of the East side of Ward 3 and would make a very capable council person. If she doesn't win this race I fully expect her to come back and go on to even higher office later. I have a personal connection to this lady as well. She took care of me when I was an alternate delegate for Hillary Clinton and made sure that I met all the right people in the Democratic Party which was the very start of my being involved in politics. Yep. Blame her! Good luck my love!

I don't know Bob Coffin, but, the older LGBT leaders who've been here a long time (Senator David Parks, Bob Forbuss) swear by him. He has been a long time supporter of LGBT issues and has been reelected several times, which has to count for something. I know that in my limited time spent with him he reminds me of my old time political heroes like Richard Daly (the Chicago Boss of all Bosses) and I really liked him. When I fianlly make the plunge and run for office, I'll be calling Coffin up and asking for advice.

I did not mention Steve Ross. Just know that he is referred to on Twitter as #ericcartman.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Is Obama The "Fierce Advocate" For LGBT Rights That He Said He Would Be?

Organizing for America Community Action Night / LGBT ISSUES

NOTE: This will be the first time that all three Nevada Stonewall Organizations will participate in a joint meeting using New Media.

We will be discussing the Pro-LGBT policies of the Obama administration since he took office in 2009.

Just a few policies that the administration has produced in the last two years:

We hope you will join us either in person or online at:

Wednesday, March 16th
LGBTQ with Guest Speakers include Derek Washington, Chair Stonewall Democratic Club of Southern Nevada. Also speaking will be Angela Brooks, Chairman of Northern Stonewall. Chris Miller President of State Stonewall will be telling us about the upcoming Equality Days in Cartson City of which he is Co-Director along with him giving us an update on the pending LGBT focused bills working their way through the Nevada Legislature.

We will be broadcasting live on Ustream from 5-7pm

OFA Headquarters
2475 S. Jones Blvd #7 Las Vegas, NV 89146
(NW corner of Jones and Sahara, by Taco Bell)

5:00–8:00 PM
5:00–5:30 PM Mix & Mingle
5:30–6:30 PM Educational Portion
6:30–8:00 PM Action Portion

What is the Idea Behind OFA CAN?
Our intent for OFA Community Action Night is simple: Knowledge + action = activism. The first portion of each OFA CAN allows you to mix and mingle with fellow supporters. From there we learn about a particular legislative issue and then break up into small groups to immediately organize around the issue.

Every OFA CAN concludes by giving you time to take action on the spot! If you like writing letters to the editor/blogs or even just talking to other supporters, then this Community Action Night is for you! Please bring a laptop or pen/paper.