Monday, December 14, 2009


I have to admit that it bothers me when the Republiban talks about how Nevada would be better off without Harry Reid.


You may ask?

Well. Duh.

Before Harry Reid, Nevada wasn't even on the radar screen of the pointy heads in D.C.. As far as they were concerned, we were that place they flew over on their way to L.A. to beg for moola.

Harry changed all that.

With the election of President Obama (which Harry plaid a HUGE role in), and it's moving up to the front of the pack in the primary system (wonder who had a hand in that?), Nevada finally is recognized as a power player. EVERYONE knows who Harry Reid is and where he comes from.



Please explain to me why we would want to replace one of the most powerful men in the world with Snow White or her mental dwarfs?

I hate to be mean, but. a football coaches son? Not that there's anything wrong with that, but, that's his main qualification.


I swear.

Hut One!

Hut two!

With this bill, what am I supposed to do?


Occasionally, a Republiban will say, "what has Reid ever done for Nevada!?"


Well, this little list just came across my desk and while it doesn't probably register with those who get their info from Glenn "I don't believe any of this, I'm just making money" Beck, I think this partial list of what The Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has done for Nevada more than gives good reason why we should make sure he is reelected.

What do you think?


Funding for projects will help put Nevadans back to work
Washington, D.C. – Nevada Senator Harry Reid today secured nearly $100 million for projects in the Silver State that will create jobs and put Nevadans back to work. Reid, the Majority Leader of the Senate, secured these funds in the Transportation Omnibus Appropriations Act, which passed the Senate today. This bill is a combination of the following appropriations bills: Transportation, Housing and Urban Development; Commerce, Justice and Science; Financial Services; Military Construction; Labor, Health and Human Services; and Foreign Operations.

“This is an important bill for Nevada because it delivers much-needed funding to the state for projects that will strengthen our communities and create jobs,” Reid said. Every bill that is passed, every project that is funded and every job that is created helps Nevada take another step forward on the road of economic recovery.”

From funding for law enforcement equipment and military personnel to public health initiatives, this bill makes strong investments in Nevada communities. Senator Reid has views appropriations as a way to supplement state and local funding and bring home Nevadan’s hard earned tax dollars for deserving projects that create jobs, provide services, and improve the quality of life for all Nevadans.

Senator Reid delivered funds to nearly every area of the state – from Boulder City and Las Vegas to West Wendover, Reno, and Elko. The list of projects receiving funding in Nevada is included below.

Military Construction: $54,897,000

Project: NV Air National Guard Fire Station Replacement
Requestor: Air National Guard
Location: Reno, NV
Amount: $10,800,000
Description: This request funds the construction of a new Fire Station at the base located at the Reno-Tahoe International Airport. The existing fire station, built in 1955, provides only 25% of the total authorized space of 17,575 square feet. This is already requested by the Department of Defense in the 2014 Future Year’s Defense Plan.

Project: Warrior Physical Training Facility
Requestor: Navy
Location: Fallon, NV
Amount: $10,670,000
Description: This request funds the construction of a combined gymnasium/fitness center facility consisting of 23,713 square feet. The facility includes an indoor fitness area; basketball/volleyball court; aerobics area; two racquetball courts; locker rooms; multipurpose activity room; combative/martial arts room, and administrative offices. This is already requested by the Department of Defense in the 2014 Future Year’s Defense Plan.

Project: NV National Guard Add/Alt for Clark County Armory
Requestor: Army National Guard
Location: Clark County, NV
Amount: $2,000,000
Description: This request funds the creation of new unit administration areas for Add/Alt of the Clark County Armory. The transformation of the 221st Cavalry into an ARS (Armored Reconnaissance Squadron) has increased the requirements of storage and administration space due to increased equipment and personnel.

Project: NV National Guard Renewable Energy Sustainable Projects
Requestor: Army National Guard
Location: NV National Guard, NV
Amount: $2,000,000
Description: This request funds the design and construction of renewable energy projects. Nevada Army National Guard Construction and Facilities Management Officer is planning wind, solar, and geothermal projects at six facilities and training sites by calendar end of 2010.

Project: North Las Vegas Readiness Center
Requestor: Nevada Army National Guard
Location: North Las Vegas
Amount: $26,000,000
Description: With the Guard experiencing rapid growth from several overseas mobilizations, many existing readiness centers are reaching capacity. The facility will serve the peace time missions of the assigned units and improve the units’ readiness posture. The Readiness Center will provide administrative, training, supply, classrooms and storage areas required to ensure units are prepared for mobilizations.

Project: Creech Air Force Base UAS AT/FP Security Upgrades
Requestor: United States Air Force
Location: Creech AFB
Amount: $2,700,000
Description: Unmanned Aircraft Systems are playing an invaluable role on the battlefield in Iraq and Afghanistan. The project will provide for improved anti-terrorism and force protection security measures for the headquarters for Predator and Reaper operations worldwide. Protecting UAS assets is a top priority to ensure support for our security efforts abroad.

Project: Las Vegas Civil Support Team Ready Building
Requestor: Nevada Army National Guard
Location: Las Vegas
Amount: $727,000
Description: The project will provide funding for the planning and design of the Ready Building. When completed, it will provide immediate response capability to support the State of Nevada first responders in the event of chemical, biological, radiological or nuclear attack. The facility will support 24 full time personnel and is critical to the greater Las Vegas area’s preparation for a possible terrorist attack.

Transportation, Housing, and Urban Development: $20,233,300

Project: Approach Surveillance Radar
Requestor: Reno-Tahoe International Airport
Location: Reno, NV
Amount: $263,000
Description: The Reno-Tahoe International Airport and five other airports in the region are all served by an existing ASR-8 that has been in place for 16 years and is two generations old in terms of technology. Funding would provide for an updated ASR-11 that will provide the most technologically advanced radar capabilities.

Project: Starr Road Interchange
Requestor: City of Henderson
Location: Henderson, NV
Amount: $2,922,000
Description: Constructing an interchange at I-15 and Starr Road will improve access to a growing part of Henderson and relieve congestion on Eastern Avenue and other approaches to McCarran International Airport. Funding will be used for construction, and will supplement the $1,187,500 Senator Reid secured for this project in FY2009.

Project: Meadowood Interchange
Requestor: Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT)
Location: Carson City, NV
Amount: $1,000,000
Description: The Meadowood Interchange is in one of the primary commercial retail districts in the Reno/Sparks Metropolitan area. Construction of a split diamond interchange will more effectively distribute traffic on surface arterial streets, and reduce overall levels of traffic congestion. Senator Reid secured $1,254,000 for this project last year. Funding will supplement more than $27 million in ARRA stimulus funding that local officials have decided to invest in the interchange.

Project: US 50 Stateline Realignment
Requestor: Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT)
Location: Carson City, NV
Amount: $1,000,000
Description: The Lake Tahoe basin is an area of regional and national significance, but congestion around the Nevada casinos reduces mobility in the area. Funding would pay to provide operational improvements and pedestrian and transit improvements in the heavily congested Stateline corridor.

Project: I-15 Corridor of the Future
Requestor: Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT)
Location: Carson City, NV
Amount: $974,000
Description: Because the US Department of Transportation designed I-15 as a "Corridor of the Future," this interstate is eligible to participate in new federal programs to reduce congestion. Federal funding would supplement these efforts. More than 9 million people drive from Southern California to Las Vegas on I-15, and making road improvements protects the main routes for tourists to enter Las Vegas.

Project: Expanding SR-160 Las Vegas to Pahrump
Requestor: Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT)
Location: Carson City, NV
Amount: $2,217,500
Description: This roadway is the major connection between the growing bedroom community of Pahrump and the metropolitan core of Las Vegas, NV. Unfortunately, this two-lane road is one of the most deadly in the state. Funding would pay for increased widening that would reduce congestion and improve safety. Senators Reid and Ensign secured $2,612,500 for this project last year.

Project: Boulder City Bypass
Requestor: City of Boulder City
Location: Boulder City, NV
Amount: $981,000
Description: According to published estimates, an additional 2000-2500 trucks will drive through Boulder City once the new Hoover Dam bridge is completed in 2010. A 17 mile bypass road will alleviate congestion and remove truck traffic from downtown Boulder City.

Project: Southern Nevada Beltway Interchanges
Requestor: Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Amount: $3,302,250
Description: Federal funding will supplement a 20 percent state match to construct additional interchanges to improve mobility on the Clark County Beltway. The Clark County Beltway is one of the busiest roads in Nevada, and funding will expand capacity. Last year, Senator Reid and Senator Ensign secured $2,850,000 for this project.

Project: Carson City Freeway Phase II
Requestor: Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT)
Location: Carson City, NV
Amount: $779,200
Description: The project will improve capacity by adding 3 miles of controlled access freeway from Fairview Drive to the southern connection at the existing US 50 West - Tahoe Juncture / Carson Street intersection. Expanding the freeway will relieve traffic congestion in addition to offering flood control protection. It is estimated that this project will create 150 jobs locally.

Project: Washoe County Bus and Bus Facility
Requestor: Regional Transportation Commission of Washoe County
Location: Reno, NV
Amount: $615,250
Description: This project involves the construction of satellite transfer centers and additional Park and Ride facilities to expand the ridership of the RTC bus system. Additional funds will replace aging buses in the fleet with cleaner fuel technologies.

Project: ACE Boulder Highway Rapid Transit Project
Requestor: Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada
Location: Boulder City, NV
Amount: $750,000
Description: This transit project will be comprised of a Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system operating along a 17-mile corridor with exclusive transit lanes, vehicles, stations, and related infrastructure. The specific segment would travel Boulder Highway from the Central City Intermodal Transportation Terminal to Horizon Drive in Henderson, Nevada.

Project: Nevada Pacific Parkway
Requestor: City of Fernley
Location: Fernley, NV
Amount: $535,700
Description: Funding will pay for the construction of an additional four lane roadway connecting I-80 Exit 50 Interchange to US50A at Nevada Pacific Parkway in the eastern portion of Fernley. The expansion will be necessary for future growth in the Fernley region.

Project: Bonneville-Clark Couplet
Requestor: The City of Las Vegas
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Amount: $487,000
Description: This project will improve traffic flow and reduce congestion by converting Bonneville Ave. and Clark Ave. roadways to an east/west one-way couplet system between Main Street and Las Vegas Boulevard. This project is part of the City's master plans for land use and will make the corridor more pedestrian-friendly. It will create 71 jobs locally.

Project: US-395 from Moana to Stead
Requestor: Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT)
Location: Carson City, NV
Amount: $681,800
Description: This project would widen the Northbound lanes on US-395 and relieve heavy peak hour congestion and related crashes. Widening would substantially reduce Northbound travel time in peak hour from Moana to I-80 saving time for thousands of Nevadans each day. This project is estimated to create 150 jobs locally.

Project: Pyramid Highway Corridor
Requestor: Regional Transportation Commission of Washoe County
Location: Reno, NV
Amount: $1,084,400
Description: Pyramid Highway (SR-445) is one of the most congested corridors in Northern Nevada, particularly at the intersection of SR-445 and McCarran Blvd. Funding would pay for environmental studies and project development improvements to increase capacity and reduce congestion within the corridor.

Project: Freeways and Arterial System of Transportation (FAST)
Requestor: Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT)
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Amount: $681,800
Description: To help facilitate traffic movement and relieve congestion on the Clark County Beltway, NDOT plans to install a fiber-optic cable vehicle detection system with video monitoring cameras, ramp meters and dynamic message signs.

Project: Silver Sky at Deer Springs Affordable Senior Assisted Living
Requester: Nevada HAND
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Amount: $681,800
Summary: Nevada HAND plans to build an affordable senior assisted living center with a focus on serving low-income seniors. This facility will allow low-income seniors who can no longer live independently to maintain their dignity at home, and avoid costly and premature nursing home placement.

Project: Foreclosure Prevention and Intervention Partnership Program
Requester: City of Las Vegas
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Amount: $200,000
Summary: The City of Las Vegas will continue their housing outreach and foreclosure prevention education efforts. The City will offer mortgage modification assistance to homeowners in addition to helping transition families who can no longer afford their mortgage into affordable rental housing.

Project: Stabilizing Nevada Neighborhoods
Requester: Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Nevada
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Amount: $487,000
Summary: Hundreds of foreclosed homes throughout Southern Nevada sit empty and blight neighborhoods. Consumer Credit Counseling Service plans to turn many of these foreclosed properties into long-term affordable rental properties that will be sold to low and moderate income families.

Project: Storey County Youth and Community Resource Center
Requester: Community Chest of Storey County
Location: Virginia City, NV
Amount: $194,800
Summary: Storey County currently does not have a community center, childcare center, youth program facilities, or public gathering sites. With the support of the local government, Community Chest and other volunteer organizations have been working for 13 years to design and construct a community resource center. Local residents will supplement any federal support with additional donations and grants.

Project: Silver Stage Youth Community Center
Requester: Silver Stage Youth Organization
Location: Stagecoach, NV
Amount: $194,800
Summary: Like many rural counties, Silver Springs does not have a community center or public meeting space. Community residents have been working for several years to design a center, and have completed a feasibility study for a mixed-use community center. Federal, state and local funding will be used to construct the center.

Project: Acquisition of Equipment and Vehicles
Requestor: Three Square Food Bank
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Amount: $200,000
Description: With the economic downturn, Three Square is working to close Southern Nevada’s hunger gap by bringing all available food and financial resources into their regional food bank. Additions to their vehicle fleet will allow the agency to expand their food assistance to people in need in the Las Vegas Valley.

Labor-HHS: $13,095,000

Project: Youth Internet Safety Education Project
Requestor: Boys & Girls Club of Truckee Meadows
Location: Reno, Nevada
Amount: $175,000
Description: Federal funds would be used to allow the Boys & Girls Clubs of Truckee-Meadows to implement Internet safety programs in schools serving students in grades 6 through 9 in order to protect children from online dangers including child predators.

Project: Charter School Development Foundation Early Childhood Education Center
Requestor: Andre Agassi Charitable Foundation
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Amount: $400,000
Description: Early-childhood education has long been a federal priority because studies show that a child's success ultimately depends on what happens in their early years. In partnership with the United Way, the Agassi Academy plans to expand their comprehensive early childhood education services to more families in Southern Nevada. Funds will be used to develop an early childhood education program that would include family access to health care and immunizations and parent education.

Project: School for the Highly Gifted
Requestor: Clark County School District
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Amount: $600,000
Description: The Clark County School District, home to nearly three-quarters of the students in Nevada, will, in partnership with the Nevada System of Higher Education, create an academy for the highly gifted in grades 9-12. Nearly 200 students in the district have been identified as highly-gifted. Recognizing that gifted children learn differently, this project will be committed to providing an academically appropriate learning environment that is challenging and meaningful.

Project: Support for English-Language Learners
Requestor: Clark County School District
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Amount: $600,000
Description: Roughly 20 percent of the students in the Clark County School District are English-language learners. The district's ELL program provides professional development training for administrators and teachers to help improve instruction for English-language learners. Funding will use used to provide additional specialists for up to 50 schools with a high population of ELL students.

Project: Career and Technical Education Equipment
Requestor: Lyon County School District
Location: Yerington, Nevada
Amount: $350,000
Description: Because of the rural nature of the Lyon County School District, distance learning is an important educational component for both students and teachers. This distance learning technology will allow the district to offer educational programming at a greater number of schools and improve education in rural Nevada.

Project: Middle School Science Lab and Curriculum
Requestor: Nye County School District
Location: Pahrump, Nevada
Amount: $425,000
Description: Nye County is the largest, rural school district in Nevada, covering over 18,000 square miles. Funding will be used to purchase interactive science curriculum and equipment for several rural middle schools in the district. This funding would enhance the curriculum for several thousand middle school students.

Project: Nevada Rural Literacy Program
Requestor: Save the Children
Location: Washoe and Elko County, Nevada
Amount: $250,000
Description: Save the Children operates a highly-effective afterschool rural literacy program in five rural schools in Washoe and Elko counties. These programs provide supplemental educational services with a proven track record of improving children's reading skills. Federal funding will be used for curriculum and assessment materials, technological equipment, and ongoing training and technical assistance.

Project: New Teacher Induction and Mentoring Program
Requestor: Washoe County School District
Location: Reno, Nevada
Amount: $500,000
Description: The district's Induction and Mentoring Program provides mentors to guide and support the work of novice teachers by observing them in the classroom, offering feedback, assisting with lesson plans, and demonstrating effective teaching methods. Mentors meet with new teachers at least once a week. Federal funding will be used to expand this effective program.

Project: K-12 Instructional Coaches
Requestor: Washoe County School District
Location: Reno, Nevada
Amount: $500,000
Description: The district, Nevada's second largest, will use these funds for instructional coaches for K-12 teachers. These coaches will serve as on-site professional developers who will collaborate with teachers to help them use proven practices and strategies to align teaching with district and state standards and improve student achievement.

Project: Online Degree Program
Requestor: Truckee Meadows Community College
Location: Reno, Nevada
Amount: $600,000
Description: TMCC has established a highly successful distance learning program with eleven online degrees, more than 300 courses, and serving more than 6,500 students. To build on this success, TMCC will use these funds to establish a new fast-track online degree program targeting nontraditional (ages 25-62) students. Many of these students have previously attended college and earned credits and, for a variety of reasons, have dropped out and never returned. Others opted to go straight into the workforce after high school and now realize the value of earning a college degree.

Project: RSVP Home Companion Senior Respite Care Program
Requestor: Washoe County Senior Services
Location: Carson City, Nevada
Amount: $195,000
Description: The RSVP Home Companion Senior Respite Care Program addresses a critical need in the community -- that of free or affordable, non-medical in-home respite care for those suffering from dementia, Alzheimer's, and a host of other ailments and disorders. The senior population in Nevada is among the fastest growing in the nation, so the number of caregivers and the demand for this program continues to increase. This community service program supports caregivers, and in turn, helps to prevent the institutionalization of their loved ones.

Project: Cancer Education, Outreach and Support Services for Nevadans
Requestor: Nevada Cancer Institute
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Amount: $600,000
Description: Cancer is a leading cause of death in Nevada. Nevadans with cancer and their caregivers face a number of geographic and other challenges accessing care and other cancer-related resources, including education and prevention. The Nevada Cancer Institute, which has been recognized by the state Legislature as the official cancer institute for the State of Nevada, supports education and outreach services, including cancer navigation, to Nevadans. These funds would allow the Nevada Cancer Institute to expand these efforts to meet needs across the state of Nevada including rural frontier communities, Indian reservations and urban areas.

Project: University of Nevada School of Medicine- Nevada Diabetes Center
Requestor: University of Nevada, Reno
Location Reno, Nevada
Amount: $800,000
Description: In recent years, the prevalence of diabetes in Nevada has increased by 32 percent. This is a significant health problem for Nevadans, as diabetes is the leading cause of end-stage kidney disease, non-traumatic amputation and blindness. The Las Vegas area has a population of diabetes patients with complications that is more than 20 percent higher than the national average. A University of Nevada Diabetes Center will create a regional center of excellence where patients with uncontrolled diabetes can receive state-of-the-art management directed by a team of appropriately trained specialists. It will reduce diabetes related complication rates, helping to control costs associated with diabetes management and to improve quality of life for patients living with diabetes.

Project: Boulder City Hospital Construction
Requestor: Boulder City Hospital
Location: Boulder City, NV
Amount: $1,000,000
Description: The Boulder City Hospital serves as a community safety net for Boulder city and the surrounding rural areas. With the anticipated opening of the Hoover Dam Bypass, increased commuter, business and tourist traffic is expected to move in and around Boulder City. These funds will support construction that will expand the hospital's preparedness for handling this community's emergency medical cases.

Project: West Wendover Medical Clinic Equipment
Requestor: City of West Wendover
Location: West Wendover, Nevada
Amount: $310,000
Description: These funds would allow the City of West Wendover to purchase new equipment, including a digital x-ray machine for the West Wendover Medical Clinic. The new machine would replace old technology which uses x-ray film that must be sent out to radiology for review which results in a ten day waiting period. The new machine will increase efficiency and patient care through the use of digital x-rays which allow for more timely review by radiology and the diagnosis by attending physicians in this rural community.

Project: Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health
Requestor: Lou Ruvo Brain Institute
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Amount: $1,300,000
Description: The Lou Ruvo Institute recently announced a new partnership with the world renowned Cleveland Clinic. These funds will support the purchase of equipment to help support the Institute's goal of becoming a national resource for the most current research and scientific information for the treatment of Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, and Huntington's diseases, as well as focusing on prevention, early detection, and education.

Project: Helping Kids Clinic: Health Access without Walls
Requestor: Helping Kids Clinic
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Amount: $200,000
Description: The Helping Kids Clinic provides free health care and immunizations to children without insurance or financial resources. This organization eliminates access barriers by working in a number of different environments in southern Nevada where children are at-risk. These funds would allow the Helping Kids Clinic to secure needed medical supplies and equipment and hire first-language Spanish translators. This would enable the clinic to expand its mission and provide health care and immunizations to a larger number of at-risk children in Southern Nevada.

Project: Nevada State College Nursing Program
Requestor: Nevada State College
Location: Henderson, Nevada
Amount: $900,000
Description: Nevada faces a tremendous nursing shortfall. If left unaddressed, the quality and availability of care could suffer. Nevada State College is developing a program that aims to increase expertise of new nurses while decreasing burnout of under-prepared nurses. Funding would help develop the educational program and purchase research equipment for the nursing program.

Project: Nursing Retention Support Program
Requestor: Renown Health
Location: Reno, Nevada
Amount: $390,000
Description: Studies show that nurses beginning their careers in the acute hospital setting often leave their first job, and sometimes the nursing profession entirely, during their first six to twelve months on the job. This situation has only exacerbated the nursing shortage in Nevada. These funds would support a formalized nursing retention and support program for nurses' first six months to a year on the job. This program would help to improve nursing retention and the quality of patient care in Nevada.

Project: Touro University Gerontology Center
Requestor: Touro University, Nevada
Location: Henderson, Nevada
Amount: $750,000
Description: Nevada has one of the fastest growing senior populations in the country but has few gerontologists and geriatricians. These funds would support the construction of a gerontology center that would conduct research into the aging process, educate health professionals in geriatric issues, and provide health care services to older adults. The Gerontology Center will provide medical and preventive health services to Nevada's older adult population, along with education for seniors and their families about nutrition, exercise and long-term health. The Center will also train and educate doctors, nurses and other allied health professionals on the multi-disciplinary aspects of gerontology and geriatrics.

Project: University Women's Care and Birth Center
Requestor: University Medical Center of Southern Nevada
Location Las Vegas, Nevada
Amount: $1,500,000
Description: The University Women's Care and Birth Center will help to address the current crisis of access to women's health and maternal-child care in Clark County. Specifically, the requested funds would support the renovation of a space that would house services for women's healthcare and maternal-child care (birthing center) at the University Medical Center in a separate freestanding facility. This would allow for the consolidation of women's health and maternal-child care services and with family resource services in a freestanding facility owned by UMC to be operated in collaboration with professional medical providers.

Project: The Center for Molecular Medicine
Requestor: The University of Nevada School of Medicine
Location: Reno, Nevada
Amount: $750,000
Description: Chronic neuro-immune diseases have been steadily on the rise in the U.S. in recent years, resulting in serious disability and enormous financial burdens to families, communities and to our health care system. These funds would support construction and the purchase of equipment so the Center for Molecular Medicine at the University of Nevada School of Medicine may pursue its goal of facilitating the immediate transfer of new knowledge to effective patient treatment and physician education, through the combined efforts of researchers, clinicians and educators at the University.

Commerce-Justice-Science: $8,525,000

Project: Heavy Duty Command Post and Patrol Safety System
Requestor: The Washoe County Sheriff's Office
Location: Reno, NV
Amount: $1,000,000
Description: As the largest law enforcement agency in Northern Nevada, the Washoe County Sheriff's office must patrol many rural areas of the state. Unfortunately, their patrol cruisers lack standard equipment such as In-Car Video Systems or a centralized Mobile Command Trailer. These technology upgrades will allow our law enforcement officers to better respond to threats and gather evidence.

Project: Justice Information Sharing Program
Requestor: Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Amount: $1,000,000
Description: Nearly every law enforcement agency in the greater Las Vegas Valley uses the Shared Computer Operations for Protection and Enforcement (SCOPE) database. Unfortunately the current database is more than 40 years old and can no longer meet the requirements of a modern 21st century law enforcement operation. Federal funds would be used in conjunction with local funds to upgrade this project.

Project: Law Enforcement Technology
Requestor: The City of Henderson
Location: Henderson, NV
Amount: $600,000
Description: The City of Henderson is establishing a joint public safety training facility with the City of Boulder City. The training facility will host firearm training and certification courses at their shooting range and in their classrooms. The City has committed more than $1 million in local funding to this effort, and federal funds would help purchase equipment for the law enforcement facility.

Project: Tactical SWAT Vehicle
Requestor: City of North Las Vegas
Location: North Las Vegas, NV
Amount: $200,000
Description: The North Las Vegas SWAT Team deploys a team of tactical medical personnel that are specially trained in life-saving techniques. Unfortunately, the medics and SWAT personnel are currently riding in an outdated SWAT vehicle that lacks several essential capabilities, including a lack of secure storage for mission-critical life saving gear. Funds would be used to equip a new Tactical Vehicle for use by the tactical medics and the SWAT Team.

Project: Regional Law Enforcement Training Facility
Requestor: The City of Boulder City
Location: Boulder City, NV
Amount: $250,000
Description: Boulder City has partnered with the City of Henderson to equip a law enforcement training facility that will be jointly used by law enforcement agencies throughout Southern Nevada. Boulder City has donated 240 acres to the project, but they lack the funds to purchase equipment for a proposed gun range and other training facilities. Funds would provide equipment for the Regional Law Enforcement Training Facility.

Project: Security Upgrades at the Pahrump Government Building
Requestor: Nye County
Location: Pahrump, NV
Amount: $175,000
Description: Funds would be used to install additional metal detectors and cameras to secure the building from threats. After the court violence in Reno several years ago, securing our judicial buildings remains an important priority that the federal government can help address.

Project: Justice Education Efforts
Requestor: National Judicial College
Location: Reno, NV
Amount: $500,000
Description: The National Judicial College in Reno educates more than 3,000 judges annually from all 50 states. The NJC is vital resource for Nevada and the country as a whole. Funds will be used to continue the development or improvement of existing curriculum to be used by NJC or the states in the training of judges. (Reid, Ensign)

Project: Judicial Training, Research and Technical Assistance Project
Requestor: National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges
Location: Reno, NV
Amount: $600,000
Description: For over twenty years, the Technical Assistance to the Juvenile Court Project has provided the best available information and assistance to juvenile courts, probation, and justice professionals nationally. This information is particularly crucial to the over 3,000 juvenile court jurisdictions nationally that, typically, do not have research and development departments.

Project: Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention Program
Requestor: Chabad of Southern Nevada
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Amount: $250,000
Description: Recovering addicts and certified drug counselors will visit local area schools to discuss the dangers of substance abuse with youth. With one of the highest drop-out rates in the nation and possible links to substance abuse, Southern Nevada needs qualified drug education efforts.

Project: Immigrant Resource Project
Requestor: University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Amount: $350,000
Description: With one of the highest immigrant growth rates in the nation, Nevada deals with many legal issues related to immigration. Nevada's communities struggle with the complexity of our immigration system. This funding would assist UNLV's Boyd School of Law in providing information concerning America's immigration laws.

Project: Community-based Re-Entry Program For Ex-Offenders
Requestor: The Ridge House
Location: Reno, NV
Amount: $200,000
Description: For more than 27 years, the Ridge House has been providing rehabilitation services to inmates and ex-offenders. Funds would be used to reintegrate more than 200 individuals who are leaving incarceration to productive, tax paying members of society.

Project: CARE Law Program
Requestor: Nevada Rural Counties RSVP Program
Location: Carson City, NV
Amount: $75,000
Description: RSVP's CARE Law program provides pro-bono legal assistance for low-income and homebound seniors throughout Nevada's 15 rural counties. Attorneys make house-call legal services to seniors in order to provide them with a variety of services including wills, guardianships, and assistance with estate and probate issues.

Project: Safe House Project
Requestor: Protecting Sexually Exploited Children – Nevada
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Amount: $125,000
Description: Since Las Vegas law enforcement began tracking arrest numbers in 1994, 150-200 children have been arrested annually for prostitution. Unfortunately, many untreated children are returning immediately to their commercial sexual exploitation upon release. Funding would provide for the planning and development of the Safe House to treat and care for sexually exploited children.

Project: Gravity Insensitive Climate Control Research and Design
Requestor: University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Amount: $750,000
Description: Equipment and facilities destined for use at a proposed NASA lunar base or in low-earth orbit (LEO) require heat dissipation for safe and reliable operation of equipment and the life support of astronauts. This funding will help develop and manufacture a prototype system that NASA can test and utilize in zero-gravity environments.

Project: Child Assault Prevention Education Program
Requestor: The Rape Crisis Center
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Amount: $125,000
Description: With more than 35 years of experience in Southern Nevada, the Rape Crisis Center's outreach and education programs have been very successful. The Center has partnered with the Clark County School District to educate children about ways to prevent and identify sexual assault.

Project: Model Courts Program
Requestor: National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges
Location: Reno, NV
Amount: $1,875,000
Description: Through judicial education, strategic planning, evaluation and technical assistance, this project has resulted in reducing the time in the system for children in foster care and the numbers of children in care in jurisdictions across the country, and has improved the quality of care children receive while under the court's jurisdiction. This project has been federally funded since 1992 and has a national scope.

Project: Parole and Probation Technology Advancement/Improvement
Requester: Nevada Department of Public Safety
Location: Carson City, NV
Amount: $150,000
Description: Tracking sex offenders is an important priority to keep our communities safe. This funding will provide technical upgrades to the State’s hardware and software databases that are currently used for tracking and monitoring sex offenders.

Project: Information Sharing and Analysis Tools
Requester: Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Amount: $300,000
Description: LVMPD currently does not have the ability to incorporate external data into their databases. Funding will pay for a technology enhancement to allow LVMPD officers to access real-time data from law enforcement agencies throughout Nevada and the nation.

Financial Services - $704,575

Project: Hispanic Leadership Nevada Program
Requestor: Latin Chamber of Commerce
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Amount: $234,858
Description: The Latin Chamber of Commerce will conduct a comprehensive 8-month program that is dedicated to developing community leaders who are adapted to serve the Hispanic community's needs effectively. Hispanic Leadership Nevada will provide participants with an intensive experience that prepares participants to become leaders by interacting with leaders across various sectors of the community.

Project: Small Business and Entrepreneurship Development
Requestor: Nevada Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology (NCET)
Location: Reno, NV
Amount: $234,858
Description: NCET helps Nevadans start and grow businesses and to connect them to the resources they need to succeed. Since its inception, NCET has worked with state and local development officials to attract small businesses and high tech industry to Nevada. Funding would connect entrepreneurs with resources necessary for growth and success through workshops and technology education events. Funding would also continue programs to engage Nevada college students in entrepreneurial activities.

Project: Hispanic Business Development Initiative
Requestor: Nevada Small Business Development Center
Location: Reno, NV
Amount: $234,859
Description: The NSBDC is working to establish the Imagine 2012: Hispanic Development Initiative which is designed to enhance Hispanic entrepreneurial activities and provide stronger educational opportunities in Nevada. The Initiative will offer five annual training courses and other business related programming to encourage the growth of Hispanic businesses with a focus on Northern and rural Nevada.

Grand Total: $97,454,875

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


schadenfreude:  /ˈʃɑdnˌfrɔɪdə/ Pronunciation: [shahd-n-froi-duh]

"Satisfaction or pleasure felt at someone else's misfortune."

Let's get something straight.

Right here.

Right now.

Black people haven't liked O.J. since he beat up and left his 1st Black wife, Marguerite.

Then, he went and bought that white girl.

The reason that Black people stood by O.J. during "The Trial Of The Century", is that White men took such obvious glee in the uppity Negro getting his. They hated that he was rich, good looking and had a beautiful Blonde wife.

What is it with straight guys and Blonde's? That shit is weird.

The fact that O.J. had enough money to do what white men have always done, get away with murder, just put gravy on the grits for us. After all, everybody knows that Robert Blake killed his wife. But, where's the outrage? Furthermore, why is he not hounded to this day and used as an example of why you can't trust white people on a jury to convict one of their own?

We didn't even think O.J. was Black until white guys told us he was.

Neither did O.J.


I swear.

One more thing about that whole case. We knew O.J. killed that girl.

We just "understood".

Would you really expect , say, an Italian macho guy to be able to handle his ex wife letting her young boyfriend drive around his town in the Ferrari that he was paying for and banging his ex in the house he paid for while his kids were in the next bedroom, without losing it?

O.J.'s problem was that he was too cheap to do it in the same way that Italian guy would've handled his "bidness".

O.J.'s arrogant ass did the job himself.



We "understood".

You do too.

Whether you admit it or not.

Now we have our little "Cablinasian" friend Tiger Woods.



I hate it when you ask a Black person with light skin "what are you?" and they say some bullshit like, "I'm Creole".

Bitch, the last Creoles were in 1864.

Or, when they say, "my family is part Cherokee and...".

Ok Tonto, let me explain something to you. Y'all aint been Cherokee since The Trail of Tears.

And that was one Indian Chicks' unwanted baby that somehow begat whatever begat that begat yo ass.

You are BLACK.

Ask your Blonde girlfriends' father what you are.

Ask your boyfriend Chad in West Hollywood friends what you are.

Better yet, ask them when you're not in the room what you are.

I bet it aint "Creole" or "part Cherokee and..".

I bet.

Tiger Woods seems to have been programmed from childhood to be physically incapable of saying that he is , in fact, a Negro.

It's like the only time he chokes. He has said he marks "other" or "Asian" when he fills out forms that ask for race.

When Tiger married Helga, Queen of The Aryan Higlands, we Blacks were none too pleased. Tiger didn't just marry a white girl. No, Tiger married a white, Ice Blonde Nordic, Nanny/Swim Suit Model!

SIDEBAR: I find it rather funny that Tigers' rich golfing buddy introduced his "nanny" to Tiger. I can't imagine his wife was all that pleased with her walking around the house all day hanging out of her Juicy Couture. I bet the wife was like, "...anywhere! Anybody! Just get her out of here!" WHO THE HELL HIRES AN ICE BLONDE, NORDIC, NANNY/SWIMSUIT MODEL and expects their wife to be cool with it? Is that a straight dumbass thing?


I digress.

Yeah, well Tiger "Cablinasian " Woods, I wonder what that Blonde pissed off Viking Broad you married called you as she beat down your ass for being a slut of legendary proportions.

I don't know Laplandese or whatever the fuck that Nordic Valkyrie called him when she was upside his head with a nine iron, but, I bet it wasn't, "YOU DIRTY MUTHA..FUC..N' ASIAN!".

I bet.

We all know that she didn't refer to his "TRIFLIN' TRICK ASS CHEROKEE AND....BITCH!" self.


Face it Tiger. You Black.

I'm sure she let you know it.

So. It's rather ironic that the one woman that we Black folk weren't exactly happy about marrying our "Great White Hope", turned out to be the one woman who actually did the one thing we Black folk always wanted to do.

Beat Tigers' ass for lying about who he was.

And just like with O.J.

We "understood"

And that my little friends, is Schadenfraude.


You understand.


Sometimes in my quest to change the world, I get so frustrated at all the different progressive organizations that really just seem to be places for "Donate Now" buttons to have a home on the "internets".

In fact, if I get one more request from another DC based organization asking me for my measly cash, you might just see me on the 6pm news:

"This is Veronica Maria Candi Marie Shawntelle Jackson Chong Cardenal for the Eyewitness on The Street Eye In The Sky Action News Team in a rather shady, yet , will be hip in 5 years, neighborhood, downtown. A chubby ,but, fabulously dressed Negro seems to be standing on a 2nd floor ledge threatening to throw a laptop at Metro officers. The 28 year old political activist (hey, it's my blog, I'll be whatever age I damn well please.) says he can't take one more email from progressive rights organizations asking him to 'DONATE NOW'"


I swear.

Well, The Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada, or PLAN, has a novel way of raising funds to do good progressive work all on CHASE Banks dime. It seems that CHASE is holding a contest on Face Book that will actually let people decide who should receive grants ranging from $25,000 to over a million Dollarroonies.

I shall explain.

Of course.

PLAN is a coalition of about 30 groups dedicated to social, economic and environmental justice in the Silver State.

PLAN uses research, public education, leadership development and grassroots organizing to build power and create more humane solutions to Nevada’s problems

Moiself keeps up to date on all the very latest news and reports on the social, political and environmental issues facing the state by checking in at the PLAN website or watching vids at YouTube.

You will to.

Of course.

Oh yes, back to the money.

It's tres simple.

That's French for even you can do this.

Simply copy and paste : into your browser and within a few short clicks, you will have voted for PLAN. Hopefully you will have told your friends to do the same and PLAN will have a little something extra to do good work with right here LOCALLY.



You MUST vote no later than Friday 11 December 2009!

One more time.


And your little friends too.



And of course PLAN is on Facebook.

Isn't everyone?

Thursday, November 19, 2009


Here' some of the latest out there on the "Internets":

Chas Bono is making the rounds

Seems that the haters in the Lone Star State have a bit of a kerfuffle on their hands. Turns out that in the rush to "protect" so called "traditional marriage" they may just have written themselves right into living in sin right at home. Tee. Hee. Barbara Ann Radnofsky, a Houston lawyer and Democratic candidate for attorney general, says that a 22-word clause in a 2005 constitutional amendment designed to ban gay marriages erroneously endangers the legal status of all marriages in the state.

And the finger pointing has begun about the slew of LGBT publications that just bit the dust Seems that a whole bunch of $$ just went right down the El Draino.

Over in Turkey Bottom, Legend David Mixner is talking up the need for a little bit of a ruckus. Mixner, you may know, was the impetus for the National Equality March (stolen post march by The Ego). Seems that Mr. Mixner has another great idea left in him I'll follow his lead pretty much anywhere, take a look.

Beyonce and Lady Ga Ga have teamed to share a wind machine and at least a dozen stylist on their Co-Lab "VIDEO PHONE", and yes, it's FIERCE!

Come out! Come out! Where ever you are! This is GOOD! If you're a Priest practicing the "Wide Stance Bop" you better hope these guys don't get ahold of your bidness! More, tee hee.

Monday, November 16, 2009


Gentle Reminder

November CCDBC Member Meeting
Monday, November 16th
6:30 - 8:30 p.m.
NLV Library
1755 W. Alexander Rd. (at MLK Blvd.)

Guest Speaker - State Treasurer Kate Marshall
Labor Union 872 Representative - Weatherization Program
NEW! Healthcare House Bill Passage Celebration
Enjoy a slice of cake for good luck in the Senate and celebration of the hard work to pass in the House.

HealthCare for America Now has sent us 100 yard signs as a community partner and will be available for you to pick up at the meeting in hopes you'll continue the good fight.

NOTE: Don't forget to pick up your Kwanzaa tickets. A raffle will be available to win a free ticket at the conclusion of our meeting.

Thursday, November 12, 2009


Can someone please explain to me when the memo went out to the Democratic Party faithful that we were now the "Pussy Party"?

I must have missed it.

My friends didn't get it either.

Now, since we are all progressives who worked our asses off during the last election cycle and continue to be the ones doing the phonebanking and writing the letters of support about healthcare, I would assume we would have been included in on a little thing like our nuts being grabbed right out of the sack.


I would like to know how it is that we spent an entire summer being held hostage to the "Circus From Crazytown" on Healthcare when WE won the effin' election?

We DID win the election, right? Sorta with a majority in both houses of Congress.


I swear.

So, WTF?

And who EXACTLY are these "Blue Dog" Democrats and why haven't we taken them out to the woodshed and waterboarded some sense into them? I mean, don't we pay their bills? Listen, they all have a perfectly good Healthcare plan and I'm a little perplexed as to what their damage is on the rest of us getting insurance that is still light years away from the goodies they get.

I say we take 'em down.


If their is one thing that we can learn from the Republiban, it's their tactics of getting what they want. I would like for someone to explain to the DNC that the days of bringing Marigolds and Unicorn farts to a fight are over when your opponent has a switchblade hidden in their bouffant.

Let's fight like Black girls at a club. Take off the earrings and pop off the Lee Press Ons and "let's do this"!

Let's also weed out the Pussies.

If you can't stand up and do the job you were elected for then it is probably time for you to get your coat and go home. I say we start letting those who don't pass the huevos test know that we will start looking for primary challengers who will carry the water all the way back from the well. No more stopping off at every crazytown stop on the way back home leaving nothing in the damn bucket when you get to the ones who sent you out in the first damn place.

Or, to put it another way, leave with the one who brung you.


And what the Hell happened in Maine?

Was that just the height of the Pussification of the Democratic Party or what?

A bunch of right wingers come in and attack the base of the Democratic (the 'mo's) and the DNC has the utter temerity to say, "we don't involve ourselves in local ballot issues." AND THEN they turned around and send some dumbass letter to the voters in Maine asking them to phonebank for a corrupt loser and an inept campaigner!

Bitch, please.

Tim Kaine, kiss my grits!

What exactly do the brains at the DNC (and Organizing for America, for that matter) think is the right wings main method of attacking LGBT folks?

Could it be , oh I don't know, maybe , let's see, um, BALLOT MEASURES YOU FUCKING IDIOTS?

Sorry, that wasn't very ladylike.


Listen and listen good. I would like to put the leaders of the DNC on short notice about a little something. There's a storm a comin' and it aint gonna be pretty. If the DNC thinks that it can get away with not only not supporting the LGBT community when it is attacked, but, also ignoring EVERY SINGLE initiative we have put forth (oh, yeah we got some crumbs a few weeks ago. My bad.) then they have a really bad few months ahead of them. The DNC didn't even bother to send a condolence card to the people of Maine who got politically raped by the right wingers.

Not even so much as a, "here's a Kleenex, wipe yourself up."

This kind of behavior will have to come to an end and soon.

Just like my people (the Negroes), we LGBT MF's need to let the DNC know that we will NOT be taken for granted from this point forward. EVERY single politician that comes to us lookin' all sad with their hands out is going to have to answer Miss Jacksons' (if you're nasty) question: What have you done for me lately?

If you have some time today, contact Tim Kaine and tell him what you think about his lack of concern for your issues and community. And don't sugarcoat it, talk cash.

Office of the Governor
Patrick Henry Building, 3rd Floor
1111 East Broad Street
Richmond, Virginia 23219

Phone: (804) 786-2211
Fax: (804) 371-6351

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I have a friend.

A kindred spirit.

A brother in arms.

He speaks fluent Arabic.

He loves his country, my country, The United States of America.

He may love his country, my country, even more than I do. He volunteered to join the Armed Forces and put himself in harms way in Iraq because he felt it was his duty to defend his country.

This was after an exemplary career at West Point.

He was in a unit that was violently attacked on his first day in Iraq.

He kept moving forward with his eye on protecting our country and yours and my freedom. He moved forward and up in the ranks.

My friend, Lt. Dan Choi is a very honorable and honest man.

His honesty became his undoing.

You see, my friend, Lt. Dan Choi, doesn't believe in lying. It's not the thing an honorable man does. Especially not one who has pledged to honor his country and his commitment to the United States Armed Forces.

So, Lt. Dan Choi, my friend, told the truth.

He is Gay.

I won't bog YOU down in the details of what his life has been like since the moment that he stood up and said he would no longer lie about who he is, you can google his name for that drama. I will, however, say that he did a thing so right and so brave that I don't know if I could have done the same.

Could you?

Lt. Dan Choi is no longer in the Armed Forces due to the policy of "Don't Ask Don't Tell".

An Arabic linguist and true American Hero, an honorable man who won't lie, is not a member of the Armed Forces of the United States of American because he told the truth.

Isn't the truth what EVERY child is told to tell from the time they figure out how to lie?

Why should my friend, Lt. Dan Choi have to lie to serve his country?

I went to the Veterans Day parade today.

I was so proud of how many youth were there all spiffy in their fancy uniforms. The bands were playing and they all were smiling and laughing. I wondered if they understood that they were committing themselves to a career of telling the truth.

I also wondered how many of them would grow up to be liars in order to continue forward in their chosen career.

I have to say something to the folks who don't believe that Gays should be allowed to serve in the Military.

My friend, Lt. Dan Choi, is an Arabic linguist.

Ponder this:

You can waterboard a terrorist all you want.


You can't make him speak English.

Happy Veterans Day.

Please send Senator Harry Reid a letter asking him to lead the way on ending "Don't Ask, Don't Tell".

Learn more about "DADT" at the following links:,_don%27t_tell

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

“The Sensei” Delivers a Wake-Up Punch Against Hate

By Jay Fermin,
Fil-Am Director Diana Lee Inosanto had a very important message that need to be expressed strongly in today’s postmodern world when we caught up with her. She was at the red-carpet opening of the 24th Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival that ran May 1-8, 2008 at the Directors Guild of America (DGA). The message has faced a lot of challenges and took two years to complete. D. Lee Inosanto, daughter of martial artist Dan Inosanto (taking the namesake of her honorary uncle, the legendary Bruce Lee) is herself a martial arts practitioner together with her husband.The message was her directorial debut film “The Sensei” which premiered at the Film fest and what Education Director (Matthew Shepard Foundation) Thomas Howard Jr. has labeled, A film that will change hearts and minds and save lives. D.Lee Inosanto confides that she was compelled to make the film years ago after the senseless murder of Matthew Shepard in Wyoming in 1998. Matthew was tied to a split-rail fence where he was beaten and left to die in the cold of the night. Almost 18 hours later, he was found by a cyclist who initially mistook him for a scarecrow. D.Lee’s message about hate-crime, tolerance and diversity found further relevance today with the recent murder of 15 year-old Lawrence King who was shot in Oxnard, California because he was gay.

The movie is totally different‚ from Bruce Lee’s movies which I grew up with where evil is always defeated. It jabs harder than “Karate Kid” as the plot weaves its way from a lonely gay teen named McClain being bullied and delivers kick and punches to the social and sociological structures that struggle to stereotype human conduct and are relentless in punishing those that stray from the pre-conceived mold of society.

Set in a small conservative town in Colorado during the HIV-Aids panic of the late 1980’s, young McClain Evans (Michael O’Laskey) is a gay teen who was constantly harassed and bullied. Karen Nakano-O’Neil (played by D. Lee Inosanto) was denied the highly respected “Black Belt” from the family’s successful martial arts business because she was a woman. After 5 years of absence, she returns home after the death of her fiance, boxer Mark Corey (Louis Mandylor) to make amends with her Asian-American family, who‚ are also very involved in the local church. When three teens badly beat up McClain sending him near death to the hospital, McClain’s mom secretly asked Karen to train McClain at night so he can defend himself.

“The Sensei” movie is not as comfortable to watch as other martial arts film. And it never pretends to be. The movie examines the intricate and complicated preconceptions that result in prejudices that allow hatred towards others. The plot hinges on Karen’s uncle, a Sensei in martial arts – a teacher who refuses to bestow the deserved Black Belt to Karen because she is a woman.

However, the discipline of being a sensei requires traits not only of skills in martial arts but of fairness, leadership, honor, and the ability to do the best for others. One of the pivotal moments was when Karen with her Christian background in the depths of hate and darkness went to see a Buddhist priest who reminded her that all of us are teachers and students, always teaching as well as learning. All of us can be sensei.

D.Lee Inosanto who directed, co-produced (together with producers Tarik Heitmann & Ron Balicki), and starred in “The Sensei” brilliantly brings a very difficult message on the wide screen thru the venue of martial arts. Having been endorsed by civil rights groups like the Matthew Shepard Foundation and the current Hate Crimes Bill lead by Senators Ted Kennedy and Gordon Smith, and having been contacted by Human Rights Campaign, Simon Wiesenthal Center: Museum of Tolerance, and Rainbow Alley, indeed “The Sensei” has awakened Hollywood and the world to The Right to Protect Yourself from Hatred.

Cinematographer Mark Ruthledge has brought the flashback to 1980 and the high paced fight scenes its proper setting, while keeping the intensity of the complex human interaction as close shot as possible lending a personal empathy to the characters; I could hear a number of muffled tears from the audience during premiere night. Brilliantly told, the story of “The Sensei” touched more hearts towards the end when the most common hatred of all was uncovered self hatred – which usually lead to other forms of hatred to others.

I am proud of D.Lee Inosanto’s work of heart: “The Sensei” and do highly recommend viewers to watch the film. For all of its 95 minutes running time, and its fast paced scene development and dramatic flashbacks, it will surely touch and change not only your mind but most importantly your heart.

reprinted from an original article by Jay Fermin

Diana Lee Inosanto will be a guest on this weeks' "Miller & Washington" 8-10pm Wednesday November 11 2009


On this weeks "Miller & Washington":

Legendary author, playwright & gender theorist, Kate Bornstein.

Co-Chair of the National Equality March, Kip Williams.

From the National Stonewall Democrats, Jenna Lowenstein

Out Hip Hop Records, Camilo Arenivar

And the Queen of The Las Vegas Strip, Debbie Hall with all of the latest goings on in the city that never sleeps!

8-10pm (pst)

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Ohio Democratic Party Celebrates Election of 10 LGBT Municipal Candidates Throughout Ohio

COLUMBUS – Today, Ohio Democratic Party Chairman Chris Redfern issued the following statement on the victories of openly-gay and lesbian candidates in this week’s municipal elections:

“The Ohio Democratic Party is proud to have recruited and groomed candidates across Ohio who reflect the great diversity of our Party and our state,” said Redfern. “Democrats helped elect candidates young and old, male and female, gay and straight, from all geographical areas and of diverse ethnic and racial backgrounds. Ohio Democrats fielded an unprecedented number of openly-gay and lesbian candidates this year and achieved historic success by electing ten of these candidates to office. We celebrate that success.”

The Ohio Democratic Party's LGBT Caucus provided constant support to these candidates, hosting fundraising events, providing boots on the ground and helping their campaigns push back on anti-gay attacks.”

Profiles of the ten candidates follow:

Amanda Armstrong (elected to the Medina Educational Service Center Governing Board) is a 2007 graduate from Cloverleaf Local Schools, seeks to bring new insight to the board. Having formerly led the Medina County Young Democrats at age 16, as well as having served as the High School Coordinator for the Ohio Young Democrats, Amanda is experienced in helping young people voice their concerns. Currently a Junior at The College of Wooster, Amanda is devoted to hearing and communicating the concerns and ideas of students and parents.

Kevin Johnson (elected to the Portsmouth City Council Ward 1) brings to the Portsmouth City Council 39 years of experience in government, business and civic involvement. His priorities are to focus in on the nuts and bolts of Council operations, improve them and encourage public participation in the process of strengthening the City's image and infrastructure.

Nickie Antonio (elected to the Lakewood City Council) will continue work responsively and collaboratively in the community to improve the health, safety and viability of our city for all its citizens of Lakewood.

Joe Lacey (elected to the Dayton City School Board), a Certified Public Accountant, brings valuable experience to the Board. In the past four years Joe's colleagues have looked to him on questions of budgeting, forecasting, insurance, bond refinancing and other finance related issues. Joe serves as the chair of the Board's Finance Committee.

Mark Tumeo (elected to the Cleveland Heights City Council), has a long, distinguished record of public service and community involvement. Before he was elected to the Cleveland Heights City Council, Mark held a series of civic and political positions in various parts of the nation.

Eric Resnick (elected to the Canton City School Board) is best known around the Ohio LGBT community as a staff reporter for the Gay People's Chronicle. He is a lifelong resident of Canton and a product of the Canton City Schools, having graduated Timken High School in 1981 before heading to the University of Akron to study Special Education.

Carol Fey (elected to the Bexley City School Board) has 16 years of involvement with Bexley Schools, from Elementary to High School. She served as School Board liaison for the Cassingham Elementary School PTO for several years, then became Vice President, and President of that PTO for 2004-05; she served as President of the Bexley Middle School PTO for 2005-06.

Sandra Kurt (elected to the Akron City Council Ward 8) a long-time engineer with a major local corporation and community advocate, will fight to ensure Akron prospers during these tough times, so that Akron remains a place where our children want to extend their roots.

Judge Jerry Larson (elected to the Akron Municipal Court) is committed to the future of our community. A graduate of Firestone High School and The University of Akron, he has also been involved in several community organizations such as Board of Trustees for the Community AIDS Network, the Phi Delta Theta Scholarship Committee, he was a MADD Red Ribbon Award Winner and is a member of Westminster Presbyterian Church.

Jim Sands (elected to the Athens City Council) has a long history of service to the community. He has been an active member of Project Plant, a past Chair of the Board of the Athens Area Chamber of Commerce, a charter member of the Athens A.M. Rotary Club and currently its President, he is president of the Athens Foundation Board of Directors, Vice President of the Board of Directors of the Dairy Barn southeastern Ohio Cultural Arts Center, a past member of the Athens Board of Zoning Appeals, a member of the Advisory Board for the Horticulture Program at Tri-County

Monday, October 19, 2009



Probably the best thing that I personally gained from working as Director of Diversity & Outreach for the National Equality March this fall was that I got to meet so many incredible people.

My faves were the ones who made me think about things I never really cared about before. Sherry Wolf is an unabashed Socialist in an age where every right wing mouth breather uses that word as a pejorative. While my own tastes run towards activism with a soupcon of Prada, Sherry speaks with such eloquence and plain common sense that I can't help but want to know more about her ideas and convictions.

To sate that need, I asked Sherry a few questions.

The Lady did not disappoint.

Herewith, a few questions for Sherry Wolf, author of "Sexuality & Socialism".

You mean why would I reject a system like capitalism rooted in rapacious greed, imperial arrogance and built on slavery in which racist, sexist and homophobic divisions are required for a minority to control their ill-gotten-gain to embrace a socialist political system and ideology based on human need over profit? Well, I guess I just answered your question.

Like you, a Black gay man, I don't have the ability to separate out the various aspects of my personal identity. Though clearly someone's politics or sexual preferences are not the same as their skin color and there are different histories to these identities. That said, my world view and daily practice are rooted in an understanding of society that is unabashedly pro-underdog and anti-bigshot.

The fact that I am a lesbian in a society where gays are oppressed clearly plays a role in shaping that perspective, but there are plenty of wealthy lesbians who couldn't give a hoot about the obvious class fissures in our society. Sharing with them a desire for sex and intimacy with women doesn't overcome the wider class divisions in society or among LGBT people. In other words, I'm a commie dyke (who's also a fallen Jew!).

There's a socialist hierarchy?! I had no idea. I guess that means I'm not part of it.

The Republicans are an unrepentant bigots' party that expresses the unadulterated views of big capital. They are repugnant to me. The only reason they are getting any traction at all around the far-right, tea-bagging nonsense is because the Democratic leadership is so equivocal and unprincipled.

I have always remained independent of these two parties because while the Democrats clearly articulate a vision that is at times more progressive, or at least less obnoxious, than the Republicans, they too express the interests of big capital. That explains President Obama's no-banker-left-behind policies. It explains why a Black man elected on a social justice mandate is expanding two wars for oil and empire and selling a pro-corporate health care plan as "reform."

I believe that a truly democratic society must have political parties that express the interests of ordinary working-class people. The tenacity with which BOTH parties try to retain a stranglehold on political debate and prevent the rise of new parties expresses just how similar in certain central interests—military power and economic might—they are.

President Obama is a contradictory figure—not so much because of who he is, but because of what people who elected him think and expect. He is, as any president of the most wealthy and powerful empire in world history must be, a man who oversees global capitalism's interests. However, that's not really what millions of people want of him, nor is it the way he pitched himself, despite his long history as somewhat moderate around health care, LGBT issues, business, etc.

We are experiencing liberalism in power. In other words, President Obama is leading the nation at a time of steep economic decline when workers' standard of living is declining rapidly to compete with Asian workers, yet he must give at least lip service to social demands from below, that is, from regular people. The National Equality March tapped into that mass desire for fundamental change that his election gave expression to but hasn't delivered on in jobs, health care, housing, LGBT issues, etc. It shows that we can, and must, organize a fight back under Obama to force change from below. In fact, I believe it's our only real hope for change.

In recent polls, one-third of people under 30 prefer socialism to capitalism in this country and just 53% of all American adults think capitalism is superior to socialism. Aside from polls I have my own life experience to judge from, greater numbers of people by far are attracted to socialist ideas today than at any previous period in the last 25 years. Essentially, free-market capitalism is exposed as a casino where the house always wins—Derek, you should know that living in Vegas!

We are no longer, if we ever were a center-right country. What we need is greater numbers of people to get organized as socialists and build a stronger and more vocal left, there's an organizational and ideological vacuum out there that needs to be filled.

I was over-the-moon when I read about the march and thought it was exactly the right call at the right time. I immediately called people about how to get involved, including Cleve Jones whom I had never met before. He called me back on July 4th, assuming a socialist wasn't celebrating. In fact, I was with 1,000 other socialists in San Francisco that day speaking at a conference and we all began to gear up to organize people to get to the march right then.

The march—and even the mobilizing in the prior 3 months, including my month long speaking tour along the East Coast—will remain among the most collaborative and joyful experiences of my life.

Predictably, they came on board late, did little to nothing to build it and now are taking credit for its successes. That is the way corporate opportunists operate, so I'm hardly surprised by the flagrant opportunism of HRC, for example, that sent out the first notice about the march on the morning it took place and after President Obama spoke at their dinner—naturally, they were asking for money. Shameful and predictable all at once. It's why we need Equality Across America to project the activist vision our march gave expression to—Gay Inc's vision is narrow and its strategy is bankrupt.

HRC and co. have money and media, they will continue for quite some time. And to be clear, I do draw a distinction between their leaderships and the rank-and-file who take no part in shaping their strategy, but volunteer many hours to work for them. But they are a political butter churn—quaintly anachronistic, but utterly useless in practice.

The old strategies don't work and a new generation has come up expecting equality and experiencing an openness that those over 35 didn't have. They weren't raised on a steady diet of vitriol like: AIDS is God's punishment for gays, etc. They have LGBT role models in the media, music that reflects a multi-culti queer sensibility and social acceptance that was unheard of even one generation ago. This march struck a chord because its politics were fierce, unapologetic and defiant.

The corporate-sponsored, Democratic Party beholden national groups that have access to millions of dollars that they squander on bloated salaries and black-tie dinners with politicians.

Absolutely not, no social justice movement can. However, racism, sexism and class oppression was explicitly taken on by this march in its organizing—solidarizing with immigrant workers, holding unprecedented meeting at historically Black colleges and in Black and Brown neighborhoods, opening the door to our trans brothers and sisters in a non-tokenistic way, etc.

We should not conflate the institutional oppressions of our society with thinking that activists struggling against oppression share those ideas and gain in any way from those oppressions.

I wrote Sexuality and Socialism because there did not exist a book-length history and analysis of LGBT oppression from a Marxist standpoint. In addition, I find many of the popular theories in some sections of the academy, such as queer theory, to be quite antithetical to our struggle for liberation and ideas like that and identity politics have floated around for some time virtually uncontested from the left. I wanted to win people away from those ideas and provide a historical, left-wing political account for how the heck our street movement for liberation came to be a market niche.

Plus, I have no idea why but so many political books on sexuality are deadly boring and truly incomprehensible to most ordinary people. I am incapable of writing a dull book, so I wrote a funny and fast-paced one instead with snippets on lesbian porn and clitoral orgasms. It is a book that deals with sex, after all.

I am a gregarious extrovert so sitting in a library or alone at my desk for nearly two years was a journey, so to speak. Not to mention that somewhere along the way my girlfriend of six years ditched me—in a phone call!—so that was a heart-breaker.

But as soon as the book came out I was on the road speaking again, and I even met a cutie-pie, smarty-pants professor whom I adore and all was right again in my world. The book's doing well and I'm in love—makes dealing with a world in terrifying crisis slightly more endurable I think.

Yes and no. It was the best book I could have written at the time and since I'm always learning more I undoubtedly could have added/altered/tweaked a few things, but no big, bad doozies.

I am blown away by the gracious and even enthusiastic responses to Sexuality and Socialism. It's sold a few thousand in its first weeks out, which is almost unheard of for a new title from a new author published by an independent press. I love doing readings and public speaking and opening them up for questions and discussion.

For the price of a ticket and a few bucks to help keep me alive, I'll travel and speak anywhere—it not only sells books, but I honestly learn a great deal from people who come. And I enjoy getting feedback.

I'm already writing a column and starting to blog soon for And after a week off, I'm heading back out on the road through the Midwest for a few days and then to the West Coast in November-December. My publisher, Haymarket Books, schedules me around and helps pimp my book, so folks can write directly to them at

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Tomorrow at 5:30pm (pst) Rory Reid will announce his campaign for Governor of The State of Nevada in the 2010 election.

Reid faces a hard battle against a slew of aggressive Republican opponents. He also will face the question of whether or not Nevada is ready for two Reid's in the top two slots of the state.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is Rory's father and will be facing his own hard battles this election season as well.

With Barbara Buckley out of the way in the Governors race, Rory will probably sail through the primaries , but, the general is going to make Iwo Jima look like the Great Luv-Its Rebellion of 2009.

Ice cream, as it were.

Buckley,now, is said to be eyeing the Senate seat of serial liar/adulterer/Hair Club for Men President and Rethuglican Senator, John "C Street" Ensign like a Pimp watching white girls get off the 3pm Greyhound from Provo. Expect an announcement regarding her eating that carcass, uh, running against Senator Cialis any day now.

Well, the big to-doo for Rory will be at the Doris Hancock Elementary School at the Corner of Lindell & Oakey at 5:30pm Wednesday 14 October.

Be there.

I'm sure there will be cookies & milk.

I'm sure.

Monday, August 31, 2009


By Derek Washington

The opening of the Declaration of Independence written by Thomas Jefferson in 1776, states as follows:
“ We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

What is Equality?

Well, according to Webster’s Dictionary the following is the official definition of “Equal”.

1: the quality or state of being equal: like in quality, nature, or status c: like for each member of a group, class, or society

When I am asked why I am going to participate in "National Equality March” my first reaction is to explain what I am not going for. At the top of that list is hate I’m not going to express hate. I don’t have time to hate. We as a community don’t have the time to hate. We can’t afford the energy to hate.

I’m also not going for some sort of revenge. Revenge is not on the agenda. It’s a dish best left uneaten.

So, why am I going?

I’m going to honor the Constitution of The United States of America and our founding Fathers’ original ideas and principles. From the very beginning, the Founding Fathers told us that we were all created equal.

Of course, we all know that hasn’t always been the case. Women, Blacks and other people of color know that isn’t a principle that has been always followed as written in the Constitution. Japanese American citizens were unlawfully interned during WWII without reason. Women only got the right to vote in the early 20’s. And we all know the struggles that we Blacks have gone through (and continue to go through) for our voting rights.

But, it’s also very true that because we are great country, we have consistently identified problems in our society and set out to correct them for the good of all Americans. However, we still have a ways to go. Until recently, the LGBT community was considered an officially “sick and ill” community that needed to stay underground or in dark corners where no one would see those who “practiced the Love that dare not share its name.” Well, our country has evolved. We now are a recognized part of American society. Whether you like it, or not.

What has not changed in over 200 years is the definition of what an American is entitled to according to The Constitution. And that is why I am going to Washington D.C.

I’m not going to only to ask for the right to be married to whomever it is that I love. I’m actually going to demand it. I’m really not going to Washington to “ask” for anything. Gays have fought in every war for this country. We have taught the nations children. We have built the roads and tilled the fields. We fly the nation’s planes and deliver its goods. We were there at the very beginning of the Civil Rights movement in the form of a man named Bayard Rustin who, by the way, planned and organized a little historic event called The March on Washington.

So, I am not going to “ask” for anything in Washington, D.C..

Nothing. Nada. Zilch.

We have died on the battlefields to protect our rights as Americans. We deserve them. We have earned them. I am going to demand my rights and those of my fellow brothers and sisters which we are guaranteed by the most precious government document on this planet.

This document that cements “The American Dream” in little children’s minds across the continents.

The Constitution of the United States of America.



Dear member:

OUR ORGANIZATION has formally endorsed the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) National Equality March on Washington, October 11, 2009, in Washington, D.C. calling for “Equal protection in all matters governed by civil law in all 50 states.” There will be multiple events planned throughout the weekend and we hope that you will visit their website to learn more
Like the march organizers, we feel that LGBT people are members of every race, class, faith and community. We see the struggle for LGBT equality as part of a larger movement for peace and social justice. We want to take this opportunity to encourage our members and allies to go to the National Equality March Web site at and sign up to help mobilize for and attend this grass-roots demonstration for civil rights for all LGBT people. We are also attaching a flyer that may be used in your efforts to help organize others to join us in DC.

Whatever your sexual orientation or gender identity may be, the best way to ensure that all of our struggles for social and economic justice progress - we must stand together in solidarity. As the old labor slogan so aptly expresses, “An Injury to One is an Injury to All.” Please, plan to march in DC on October 11, 2009 at 12 noon and stand in solidarity with us at the National Equality March rally at 2pm on the West Lawn of the US Capitol, that same day.

Thank you,

Organization leader’s name here

Public Endorsement of the National Equality March on Washington, October 10–11, 2009

Public Endorsement of the National Equality March on Washington,
October 10–11, 2009

As we watch the continued struggle for equality across the US, we also can not deny THE EXPLOSION of grass-roots activism that continues to galvanize our movement for full equality for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people.

As members of every race, class, faith and community, we see the struggle for LGBT equality as part of a larger movement for peace and social justice. Our emerging civil rights movement is mobilizing for a National Equality March on Washington, October 11, 2009, in Washington, D.C. behind the single demand: “Equal protection in all matters governed by civil law in all 50 states. We will accept no less and will work until it is achieved. Equality Across America exists to support grassroots organizing in all 435 Congressional Districts to achieve full equality.” There will be multiple events planned throughout the weekend and we hope that you will visit our website to learn more

As with other struggles of the oppressed and exploited in this nation’s history, LGBT people are looking to draw solidarity from a broad range of individuals and organizations representing the needs and demands of others. In this vein, the National Equality March is asking you and/or your organization to sign on as an endorser for the October 11, 2009 National Equality March on Washington and to do whatever is in your power to publicize, mobilize for and support this national organizing effort. To do so, please email your name, title, organization affiliation and contact info, as well as your logo. You may also go to our Web site at and sign up.

The old labor slogan so aptly expresses our need for solidarity in order to win social and economic justice: An Injury to One is an Injury to All! Please sign onto this statement by email or by visiting our website, no later than August 15, if you’d to be listed on the national press release announcing individual and organizational endorsements we have secured. We would love for you to use the attached language on your website to help promote the march to your community of support. Please feel free to modify the language and encourage your allies and members to join us in D.C.

In Solidarity,

National Equality March Steering Committee