Thursday, November 12, 2009


Can someone please explain to me when the memo went out to the Democratic Party faithful that we were now the "Pussy Party"?

I must have missed it.

My friends didn't get it either.

Now, since we are all progressives who worked our asses off during the last election cycle and continue to be the ones doing the phonebanking and writing the letters of support about healthcare, I would assume we would have been included in on a little thing like our nuts being grabbed right out of the sack.


I would like to know how it is that we spent an entire summer being held hostage to the "Circus From Crazytown" on Healthcare when WE won the effin' election?

We DID win the election, right? Sorta with a majority in both houses of Congress.


I swear.

So, WTF?

And who EXACTLY are these "Blue Dog" Democrats and why haven't we taken them out to the woodshed and waterboarded some sense into them? I mean, don't we pay their bills? Listen, they all have a perfectly good Healthcare plan and I'm a little perplexed as to what their damage is on the rest of us getting insurance that is still light years away from the goodies they get.

I say we take 'em down.


If their is one thing that we can learn from the Republiban, it's their tactics of getting what they want. I would like for someone to explain to the DNC that the days of bringing Marigolds and Unicorn farts to a fight are over when your opponent has a switchblade hidden in their bouffant.

Let's fight like Black girls at a club. Take off the earrings and pop off the Lee Press Ons and "let's do this"!

Let's also weed out the Pussies.

If you can't stand up and do the job you were elected for then it is probably time for you to get your coat and go home. I say we start letting those who don't pass the huevos test know that we will start looking for primary challengers who will carry the water all the way back from the well. No more stopping off at every crazytown stop on the way back home leaving nothing in the damn bucket when you get to the ones who sent you out in the first damn place.

Or, to put it another way, leave with the one who brung you.


And what the Hell happened in Maine?

Was that just the height of the Pussification of the Democratic Party or what?

A bunch of right wingers come in and attack the base of the Democratic (the 'mo's) and the DNC has the utter temerity to say, "we don't involve ourselves in local ballot issues." AND THEN they turned around and send some dumbass letter to the voters in Maine asking them to phonebank for a corrupt loser and an inept campaigner!

Bitch, please.

Tim Kaine, kiss my grits!

What exactly do the brains at the DNC (and Organizing for America, for that matter) think is the right wings main method of attacking LGBT folks?

Could it be , oh I don't know, maybe , let's see, um, BALLOT MEASURES YOU FUCKING IDIOTS?

Sorry, that wasn't very ladylike.


Listen and listen good. I would like to put the leaders of the DNC on short notice about a little something. There's a storm a comin' and it aint gonna be pretty. If the DNC thinks that it can get away with not only not supporting the LGBT community when it is attacked, but, also ignoring EVERY SINGLE initiative we have put forth (oh, yeah we got some crumbs a few weeks ago. My bad.) then they have a really bad few months ahead of them. The DNC didn't even bother to send a condolence card to the people of Maine who got politically raped by the right wingers.

Not even so much as a, "here's a Kleenex, wipe yourself up."

This kind of behavior will have to come to an end and soon.

Just like my people (the Negroes), we LGBT MF's need to let the DNC know that we will NOT be taken for granted from this point forward. EVERY single politician that comes to us lookin' all sad with their hands out is going to have to answer Miss Jacksons' (if you're nasty) question: What have you done for me lately?

If you have some time today, contact Tim Kaine and tell him what you think about his lack of concern for your issues and community. And don't sugarcoat it, talk cash.

Office of the Governor
Patrick Henry Building, 3rd Floor
1111 East Broad Street
Richmond, Virginia 23219

Phone: (804) 786-2211
Fax: (804) 371-6351

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Craig Curtis said...

My goodness! When did you let your inner black woman loose?! You have great points, and I do so love the delivery, but I was wondering if you were shaking to hard to press the keys correctly. I KNOW how you get when you're angry. Also good for a laugh, the line about black girls fighting at a club. Immediately I thought of a couple of trannies knifing it out in front of that cesspool on Western.

Way to go, Enid.