Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Tomorrow at 5:30pm (pst) Rory Reid will announce his campaign for Governor of The State of Nevada in the 2010 election.

Reid faces a hard battle against a slew of aggressive Republican opponents. He also will face the question of whether or not Nevada is ready for two Reid's in the top two slots of the state.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is Rory's father and will be facing his own hard battles this election season as well.

With Barbara Buckley out of the way in the Governors race, Rory will probably sail through the primaries , but, the general is going to make Iwo Jima look like the Great Luv-Its Rebellion of 2009.

Ice cream, as it were.

Buckley,now, is said to be eyeing the Senate seat of serial liar/adulterer/Hair Club for Men President and Rethuglican Senator, John "C Street" Ensign like a Pimp watching white girls get off the 3pm Greyhound from Provo. Expect an announcement regarding her eating that carcass, uh, running against Senator Cialis any day now.

Well, the big to-doo for Rory will be at the Doris Hancock Elementary School at the Corner of Lindell & Oakey at 5:30pm Wednesday 14 October.

Be there.

I'm sure there will be cookies & milk.

I'm sure.


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