Tuesday, September 9, 2008


I have been known to mention bad service occasionally. I often praise really good service to the high heavens.

I never make a huge deal out of bad service because of a little rule I have.


You see, you might, through your complaints get someone fired. As a member of the financially challenged club, I know that losing your job can start a ball rolling that could affect a lot more than your cold pork chop.

That person who gave you horrible service might be having a bad day. They might have a mom who just got diagnosed with the plague or some shit. Most importantly, they might have innocent kids who don't deserve to worry about where their next meal is gonna come from because Mom's a bitch or Dad's an asshole. So I try to keep my criticisms constructive.


Dick Morris' Bitch, Keith Olberman, got totally demoted! And strange Bromancer Chris Matthews went down with him!

Ah. Hah.

Ask any former or current Hillary supporter who they most came to hate during the primaries and I bet it won't be Bush, Rove, Obama, or Lucifer.

It will be the unholy duo of Olberman and Mathews.

Their red-faced screeds against Hillary and Bill pissed off many a Hill supporter. I was Keith-O's biggest fan until one night during the primaries when HRC had the temerity to win a contest he literally frothed at the mouth in his reaction. It was SO over the top that I had to switch channels I was so mad. It was a Limbaugh moment from depths of partisan hell. I think we do need a liberal media presence to counter the right wing media presence that has so dominated our national conversation. However, This crazy wingnut went so over the edge that I just stopped at that moment watching MSNBC. I literally turned the channel to FOX and have been there ever since. That's how bad it was!

Guess what? FOX aint as bad as we've been led to believe. The conversations seldom descend into shouting matches. I know, I'm as shocked as you! AND, they actually do present two sides of an argument. Turns out we've been lied to. I always would answer "I will never watch that network, I hate Bill O'Reilly!". Now, I had never seen Bill O'Reilly but I had been told over and over he was evil. Guess what? He's annoying but not half as much as Keith and nowhere near as annoying and blatantly icky as Chris "I get a tingle, when Obama speaks, up and down my leg" Mathews.

Chris, keep that filthy talk talk to yourself. Euww.

Well, Parent of MSNBC , NBC has finally had enough. The two have been taken off anchoring the networks political coverage! The suits got tired of it big time. They probably looked at the ratings and did a little focus grouping and found out these two were doing them no favors when it came to making friends and getting viewers. Of course, they weren't fired outright.

Their children will eat tomorrow.

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