Monday, September 1, 2008


Probably the best thing about the Democratic convention outside of the palpable joy in the air was the city of Denver itself. And my favorite part of Denver was South Pearl Street.

South Pearl is an incredible neighborhood of cool, chic little boutiques and restaurants. Woven through the street are fabulous little houses and duplexes. Think Larchmont in L.A..

Now, here's the kicker, unlike Larchmont THERE'S NO ATTITUDE!

That's right, no attitude. Not one bit. None. Nada. Zilch.

I went around at prime time on a Saturday night and even at the time when they really could have told me to get lost, every single business owner stopped what they were doing to answer my questions and tell me about their stores.

One of the most charming (and gorgeous) shop keeps was a lovely young lady named Sara.

Sara is a 28 year old who has lived in Denver for 4 years. She got to Denver by way of Santa Fe and Dallas. She opened her shop, UNITY, on South Pearl Street because she was impressed by the community itself and the other shops and business owners on the street. Not wanting a "typical box store" she found South Pearl Street perfect for her vibe. Well, now she's a card carrying member Pearl Street Association member.

Unity is a hip boutique that has a really cool and very eclectic collection of designers, some of which are local. From really sexy, yet wearable tops and dresses made from vintage scarves (my favorites and UNITY's best sellers) to the best tees I have seen in quite some time, including the best Obama tee ever! He's spinning lp's on double turntables! Loved-ed it!

After showing me the store, Sarah gave me her opinions on the election. She's a "die hard liberal" who likes Obamas "youth and vitality". The selection Of Governor Palin as McCains does "nothing" for her. Not one bit of difference, she still feels McCain is way too old to be POTUS.

When I asked her who she thought would win the election she thought about it for a moment. "The Democrats have a good chance, they're much more energized than the republicans and McCain is too old, I hope."

I hope so too Lovely Sara.

When in Denver stop and see Sara at UNITY. Tell her Derek Sent ya!


1455 S Pearl St

Denver, CO 80210


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