Tuesday, September 16, 2008


I have said many times I am a former Hillarybot. I still think she would have made a great prezzie. I have moved on to supporting Senator Obama.

I , however, am still perplexed by the not choosing (ok, my grammer check just took a valium over that one) of HRC for Vice President.

HRC had her campaign staff vett me when they were considering having me speak at the convention (we all know how that went, who the fuck was that little twink who took my place!?!). Hillary was NEVER vetted by Obama for the VP spot.

Well, the chickens are coming home to roost.

Seems Pop N Fresh pulled a fast one and found Endora at a born again Yeti retreat outside of Anchorage.

Can you say, GAME CHANGER?

Honestly, who thought Pop had an idea like this one anywhere in the dough factory?


But, no problem, we've got Joe Biden on our side!


"Excuse me, white old guy, could you move over so that we can get a picture of Governor Palin and that bloody, uh, Maureen Dowd, do you know what type of carcass that is? No, it's not a harridan, you're a harridan. Thanks Mo, yeah Bidenguy just step over there, yeah, thanks!. Sarah! This way! Who are you wearing?! Sarah! Over here for People! Uh, Bidendude, can you , yeah, over there, thanks. Sarah!"

Wasn't the whole point of Joe Biden to take apart anyone Pop N Fresh nominated? I'm just saying. I don't remember the last time I saw Joe Biden. Oh, wait, yes I do. He was signing his book at Barnes and Noble up the street from my house. I love Boca Park shopping center. He was sitting there and about 16 people were waiting in line.

Ooh yeah, star power. I had more people at my last garage sale (I do have fab garage sale items).

In like three thousand attempts at running for President, Joe has never gotten past the first round. Not exactly the sound of America screaming for this guy to live in the Vice-Presidents bunker. Of course, it's not like Darth is leaving the Deathstar. Ever.

Hillary on the other hand......

I'm just saying.

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