Tuesday, September 9, 2008


A lot of my , how shall we say, leftist friends think I'm an undercover republican mole. I really am truly a Democrat.

However, I can't stand blowhards, hypocrites, partisans and America haters.

I believe in a womans right to choose and the right to have a full on Ak-47 if that's what you want (let's face it, guns are our last defense against the government taking away all of our liberties. White people "clinging to their guns and religion" are our best bet at beating back the Darth Cheneys' nefarious schemes to make us all slaves of Haliburton.). I think affirmative action is stupid and want legislation to ensure equal pay for equal work. Men should open doors for ladies and women totally can bone men when it comes to family court issues.

My point?

I long ago left MSNBC and CNN during the primaries. Everyday, my original choice to support Hillary Clinton was derided and insulted without fail every few minutes. If Hill won a contest she did it through racism. Or, it wasn't by enough points. If Obama won by 2 % points it was a landslide. If Hillary lost it was time for her to get out of the race. If Obama lost by a jillion points, it was time for Hillary to get out of the race. After awhile it just got too annoying to watch.

Wolf what's his name bored me to death and uber closetcase AC 360 just sat there encouraging his guest "pundits" Hillary bashing. The only bright spots were (and are) Lou Dobbs and That old coot, Jack Cafferty. I know, "republican mole". Really, I'm not.

Well, I decided to give CNN a try yesterday. OMG! It was like a meeting of the Alexander Cockburn "let's all hate America club"! Pay attention to the quotes from Micheal Malloy:

SANCHEZ: Michael?

MALLOY: It was so far over the top. On the other hand, this is what Republicans do to mock community service is what they're about. I defy anyone to show me a Republican who's ever gotten involved in community service, doesn't exist. A creature that doesn't exist. Only in fantasy.

SANCHEZ: Michael, to you now on this Afghanistan situation. This is now a disputed investigation, originally they said five to seven people civilians had been killed.

MALLOY: Right.

SANCHEZ: Now the UN is saying 90 and this video may prove them right. As we're looking at it now, it's horrific, tough to look at and we've taken out some of the really bad stuff. Your take on this.

MALLOY: I think anytime there is a bombing of civilians, which is what this was, the military, any military, U.S. military, any military is going to try to minimize their so-called collateral damage, but collateral damage in this case are children, are women noncombatants, it doesn't even matter if it was men. These are non- combatants. These are not people who want to be involved in warfare. This has happened so many times with our bombing runs, so many people have been killed, this kind of slaughter is why they hate us. It's not because we buy houses that we can't afford as George Bush said. It's because we butcher innocent civilians.

SANCHEZ: Martha, to you. You probably have something to say about that.

ZOLLER: I couldn't disagree more. You think about Haditha, how most of the original reports even a week or two out of Haditha turned out to be wrong. And the situation was not as bad as it is. This was a horrible situation we see here. But we have got to be sure before we start slinging stones that we know what the story is.

SANCHEZ: Thanks so much to both of you. I appreciate it. I know you both have very strong convictions on these. It's interests because I know you both love your country. That's why we call it dueling patriots. Michael and Martha, thanks to both of you.


Listen Malloy, how dare you say that republicans don't do community service? Who the fuck are you to decide that because of a persons political bent they can't have human compassion? If I'm not mistaken a lot of right wingers swear all Democrats are a bunch of Saab driving, Latte drinking, fey, baby killers. Most of that isn't true. Most. I am quite sure thousands of social organizations around the world are supported by republicans and Democrats.

We Dems have to really watch ourselves. We're becoming everything we hated about the republicans for the last eight years. We don't allow other viewpoints (you question our nominee, you're a racist ,or, a "repug troll") and we assume that we are the chosen ones who will bring light and honey to the land. Sure, we hope we'll govern better than the republicans, however, history has shown us that once in power we can be just as venal and corrupt as the worst republicans. We don't hold the franchise on purity that's for sure.

On to the sitch in Afghanistan. maybe those women and children were killed because the cowards who attacked us did so from behind the Bhurkas of the women they regularly beat and throw acid in the faces of. Maybe their rocket launchers were placed next to their sons' Teddy Bears in the kids bedroom. Maybe just maybe they used their civilians as human shields or, even worse, as PR deaths. Why wouldn't Americans attack a position that had fired on them?

According to Malloy the world hates us because we have houses we can't afford or eat at Mcdonalds when the rest of the world is starving.

Guess what? Fuck the rest of the world. Look at every impoverished nation. What do you see? Corruption. You see elites who enslave their own fellow citizens and treat them like animals. Peep Africa. Personally, I say other than medical help we let Africa sink or swim on it's own. I worked for Nigerians for awhile. They were the wives of the very top officials. I was treated like a special pet. Their own maids, etc., were beaten and treated like shit. They spent more money than even the Saudi Royal family did ( I worked for Princess Bandar until Sept 11, btw, they flew out the next day. Don't tell me no one flew that day, I drove them to the airport and saw the last plane leave.). I also have worked for several African Delegations from dirt poor countries. Somehow, they all had Benzes and hookers on demand. These are countries that had sent them to ask for more aid!

And don't get me started on Mexico!

I , honestly, am a full on Democrat, however, even my gay ass gets sick of the America bashing that I constantly see coming from the MSM and places like MOVEON and HUFFPOST. It seems to me no better than those pretty black girls who go on FOX and blather on about how horrible Democrats are. It's all an act. Those women and people like Malloy along with the poverty pimps of the innercity have branded themselves as niche products. Only problem is, their niche branding to get a paycheck just drags us as a nation into two warring camps.

I'm sick of it.

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