Thursday, September 4, 2008


I love that Barbra Jean on Reba.

Reba is my new favorite show I never watched when it first came on but now watch at least twice a day in syndication.

Reba Mcyntire plays Reba. She and her dentist ex husband are held together by their mutual love for their kids. Her eldest daughter Cheyenne is a teenage, pregnant cheerleader (hmm) who has married her bf Van, who is the high school football quarterback (hmm). There is a smart mouthed, red haired, minx of a little sister, Keira, and a little FHA (Future Homo of America) brother whose name I don't really care about.

The glue that holds the show together is Barbra Jean, played by Melissa Peterman, she's a blond, dufus Amazon who has never seen a pratfall she won't take or a funny face she won't mug. Barbra Jean is Reba's ex hubbys' dental hygenist. She's also his pregnant new wife who Brock (Rebas ex) cheated on Reba with. "BJ" actually is so clueless that she thinks the reason the two families have blended together is because of her! "Reba, isn't this wonderful? I mean all of us being together is because of me. After all if I hadn't slept with your husband, we wouldn't all be together and we wouldn't be best friends!"

Ha. Ha.

I love Barbra Jean.

Oh C'mon, you DIDN"T REALLY think I was going to endure Pop-N-Fresh's dodder in Minnetonka did you?

I mean, like I'm supposed to sleep through that just so that you could awaken to my pithy comments? Lord child, I don't know you like that. And, no, pithy is not pissy with a lisp. If you want to know what Pop-N-Fresh said, go beat off to the Fox News 24 hr orgiastic loop that I'm sure is playing.

I wouldn't have watched it even if the Log Cabin Republicans were doing the half time show in Bitch Boots and Dorothy Hamill haircuts singing Kate Smith vs Ciara mashups.


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