Tuesday, September 9, 2008


The latest polls show Pop N Fresh in a statistical dead heat or leading Barack Obama in the race for POTUS.


Have any of you ever been polled? More importantly, how many of you even have landlines anymore?

I don't.

I'm voting for Obama.

How many young people do you know that have landlines? Uh, "dude, what's a landline? Oh, yeah, my Granma has one of those! Dude, that's SO WAY retro! Cool."

Now, I aint one to talk, but, how many of my people got landlines?

I'm just saying.

Unless you polling on Boost you missin' a whole lot of Negroes. "Where you at? Who you votin' for?"

Who are my people voting for?

I'm just saying.

1 comment:

clnmike said...

At this point in my life some one should have asked me something!

But no not one poll which makes me wonder how acurrate they are.