Friday, October 17, 2008


I used to really like Pop-N-Fresh. Really. I mean, the man is truly a war hero. Nowadays, when everyone who hits a home run or has six babies or makes the biggest grossing movie is a "her" what Pop-N-Fresh went through really does qualify him for hero status.

Pop stood up to his own party on everything from earmarks to campaign finance reform. He tried to warn us about our current idiot in chief years ago. He adopted a third world girl with dark skin and didn't try to hide her for his political ambitions. He has always called out the shysters in Washington and been an all around good guy.


It seems that ever since Nixon in '68 republicans have decided the only way to win an election is to be as nasty as fucking possible. After Nixon there was Ford who was just way out of his league and not the nasty type. He lost.

Then came the mass murderer Ronald Reagan.

You think that's harsh? Ronald Reagan, the great republican God willfully let thousands of gay people die because as far as he was concerned, gay people weren't worth his time or the governments money when AIDS raised it's ugly head. Reagan imported crack cocaine int the USA to support the Contra Killers. Reagan continued the tradition of republican dirty politics with his talk of "welfare queens" which was code for black sluts.

He won.


Along comes that first Bush guy who was the bitch of the Devils bitch Lee Atwater. He brought out Willie Horton, the scariest black man ever. Well, except for Ward Connerly.

He won.

Big Willy came along and put a stop to that madness ("it's the economy stupid").

Along comes Georgie (who Ann Richards warned us about) and Mr. Compassionate Conservative was nasty and mean but did it while holding a bible. He left the truly nasty stuff to his under Fuhrer Darth.

He won.


So, the republicans figures they had the formula down pat. Be nasty, call your opponent a commie, homo, satanist, black, terrorist, whatever.

Problem is, the world moved on. The vaunted trickle down policies along with deregulation and all the republican economic crap finally came crashing down. It was bound to.

Honestly, I think William Ayers is a dirty terrorist who should still be locked up for his self involved traitorous acts. I don't think Barack Obama should have anything to do with him. I also don't think Walter Annenberg or the Chicago elite should have anything to do with him. I can't imagine what these people are thinking. If Osama Bin Laden showed up 30yrs from now in suburban West Covina, California a "model citizen" would any of us defend him or his associates? No.

Having said that, WTF does William Ayers have to do with the election now in 2008?

Oh, it's the republican nasty politics again. You see, Ayers is a terrorist. Terrorists bring to mind Arabs. Arabs are terrorists. Barack Obama is an Arab. Barack Obama is a terrorist.


Pop-N-Fresh has evidently gone into the republican mean machine and come out a nasty, mean, lying sack of typical republican shit. Along the way he was assigned his own personal Darth Vader, Endora. Together, the war hero and the witch have attempted to rile the vile and bring the hate the way that republicans always have since '68. If you think Hillary threw the kitchen sink, these two have tried to burn the church with the kids inside. No manner of baiting has been beneath them.

during the last debate Pop never tried to tell us why he should be president. All he did was spew venom and half truths. He sputtered and rolled his eyes. He sneered and laughed.

He shamed himself.

Pop-N-Fresh. What happened to you?