Tuesday, October 28, 2008


The surge is working.

Whether you like it or not. Regardless of whether or not we ever should have been there in the first place (Lord knows we shouldn't have been) the surge is working.

If you put enough troops on the ground shit will stop going down.


When Barack is President of the United States of America I truly hope that he launches the mother of all surges.

On us.

More importantly, on our youth.

Could we get a surge on education? If we invest a fraction of the welfare (oh yeah, that's what it is) we're laying out to the pigs on Wall Street on our youth, we might actually be able to have another "American Century". We need to throw all of our (metaphorical) troops at our kids.

Let's face it, American kids are just clueless.

I said it.

We don't have basic citizenship classes anymore. We don't have basic decorum anymore. Our kids have no clue about geography, science, mathematics, or the outside world in general.

Our kids do know how to text to vote for a mediocre singer or download porn (we're the best at that). America's youth knows that Soulja Boy (you should hate him and the execs who enable him. Trust me. Hate) wears his pants down so low you can see the dooky stains on his ass, so they should too.

(What's up with that "look"? It's gay as fuck. It's asking other guys to look at your ass. I'm just saying)

Kids today think if you spell your name in a stupid way and talk about bitches and "making it rain' (throwing money at strippers so that they run for it. Yeah that respects black women) or can throw a ball or "spit" a flow then you'll "be like Diddy". I bet that idiot fuck (along with Snoop, Master P and every other baby daddy rapper) doesn't live in the 'hood and let his kids go to school up the street after dodging the mayhem they created.

I bet.


Barack needs to get a General Patreus for the streets of America. Someone needs to surge this motherfucker! The revolution needs to be televised. If we can bail out criminals in the Hamptons, then we can avoid bailing out future criminals and deadbeat dads and unmarried ignorant mothers later by spending some of that money where it will help in 20 years.

Our kids need to know that if they perform national service for their country they will be able to attend college and not have to choose between a part time gig or selling death on the streets. They need to know from kindergarten on that they are living in the richest country the world has ever seen and can achieve anything that they want with education and hard work.

This is America! I don't care what anyone says, this is the best country that has ever existed in human history! Only in America can a man such as Barack Obama rise from nothing and be on the verge of being the most powerful man in the whole world. It's not about his color either. It's about the American dream. Only in America can you become anything if you work hard enough.

Doubt me? Throw a dart at a map.

England? Have you ever seen a black politician from the UK? Or Asian? Sure they have them but nowhere near the percentage of black and Asian people who live there. And they abolished slavery way before we did. They STILL haven't produced a Martin Luther King Jr. Can a common cockney become Prime Minister? It aint happened yet. I'm just saying. They haven't even managed a Harry Truman.

Brazil? The boat sho nuff stopped there and let a bunch of us off. Yet, Brazil says it's "color blind" (just ask a white Brazilian). Have you ever seen a Black or even Native Indian Brazilian politician or even major public figure?

I didn't think so.

We are the reason so many risk life and limb to get here. We alone, offer the world hope. And we can deliver.

I'm not picking on these countries, I'm just asking you, Senator, to point this out and drill it into our kids heads how true this is.

And PLEASE do this as soon as you get into office. It's "Job 1".

Can we please get a surge up in this bitch?


Craig Curtis said...

Wow! That was a post.


I couldn't agree more. Tell these youngsters to check their cell phones, ipods, Blackberries, guns and knives at the door when they get to Rydell High. Pay teachers to be teachers. Bring down the teacher to student ratio. MAKE TEACHING A PRESTIGE JOB. Better yet, bring back corporal punishment. Hell, in England, they still use the cane! Remember being afraid of getting WHACKED with a ruler?! I sure do. Oh, I know, violence isn't the answer, but I don't think a three year old understands "This behavior is unacceptable. You're getting a time-out." Give me a break.

Yes, Derek. Kids are stooopid today. Not to mention arrogant. I hate 'em, but I want them to at least graduate from HS with a decent education.

It's a right.


Sallyforth, Derisha!


dwashington314@gmail.com said...

Oh god I remember the double stacked, mask taped ruler! I went to catholic schools for quite a bit. Those LGBTM&Ms nuns were mean! And sadistic!

"Timeout"! Ha! "Timeout" was the time you spent on the floor after one of those bitches back handed you for asking why we had to take science class if the bible was supposed to be all we needed to know.

Don't ever ask a nun that one.

brightstarr said...

"Can we please get a surge up in this bitch?"
AMEN! See this is what I'm TALKING about! Can we please get a surge in education, economic reform, urban planning, job creation - how about that. Love the post, and your point of view.

dwashington314@gmail.com said...

Thanks! I'm a little tired of "settling" in this country. I was never allowed to and I hope I'm better for it.