Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Ok, real quick.

Early voting. If you think it's some sort of Obama trick, here's some schooling.

THE BRADLEY AFFECT: To hear the MSM tell it, Los Angeles mayor lost the race for Governor of California because of hidden racists who said they would vote for A black man but really wouldn't.

Not true. Bradley lost because his opponent had a superior early voting strategy. He got swamped with early voting by republicans. I have no problem with this. It's called strategy.

Early voting is a great way for seniors or the disabled to vote without standing in long lines. It's also great for people who hold jobs that they can't leave on election day or stay at home moms who can stop by and vote when the kids are at school.

And, by golly, some of them are even republicans! Zut alors!

Early voting is simply a way to get as many citizens as possible involved in the democratic process we say we hold dear in the USA.

What's reprehensible is what I'm seeing of people screaming insults at early voters who, because they are black, are assumed to be Obama supporters (please don't throw out the whole "95% of blacks are voting for Obama isn't that racist?" stuff. Not the point here and you will look ignorant if you go there.). Also after several Obama rallies supporters have come out to find their tires slashed. Is that a thing republicans are proud of? I hope not.

Now, do these people have the right to protest? Yes. Does it make the republican party look bad? Yes. If you are a republican or democrat you should be concerned how your fellow party members behave.

I'm just saying.

Having said all that I implore every single legal US citizen to vote. No matter who you vote for, vote.


vtknitboy said...

rightly said dude! you rock.

Pappy said...

Hi Derek, I am on the other side of the fence and I agree and believe whole heatedly.

Thanks Pappy

dwashington314@gmail.com said...

thanks u guys and pappy big thanks!