Sunday, August 31, 2008


Well. I got my very first pissed off comment!


I'm way happy that not only did someone read this blog but also took the time to do the American thing and chew me a new one!

I disagree with you SANDIPUMA but I loudly proclaim your right to say exactly what you think!

So you folks know, SANDIPUMA was the very first PUMA to offer me help in Denver. She's a very passionate lady and she was my first indication that the PUMAS were not a bunch of wackjobs.

I met several PUMAS in Denver and even did a radio interview with a PUMA leader in Tennessee (forgive me if that's the wrong state.). I met a great lady in a fab white hat after the Women Count meeting who SO did not fit the crazee stereotype we have been fed.

Btw, the PUMAS also warned me to leave them when they expected cameras because they knew what would happen to me if DER PARTY found out I was talking to them ("No... go ahead... save your...self..."). While the Clinton campaign couldn't be bothered to help out a hardcore Hillary supporter (moiself) the PUMAS totally gave me an address to get fed and have a shower if I ended up on a park bench. The only reason I didn't go is that I got lost on my GREEN DENVER bike and had somewhere else to be (the top secret Obama mole meeting, ooops, now I have to kill you.).

So, yeah SANDIPUMA, I have decided on a different course of action ( I'm going to make an effort locally to get Dems to the polls. I want them to vote for all the killer female candidates and , yes, the Democratic nominee.

But SANDIPUMA, under no circumstances in hell did I lie or misrepresent myself to anyone to get to Denver. I missed a week of school and stayed with a complete stranger to support Hillary and all I got for it was dismissed. I feel awful that things turned out
the way they did and will gladly return the money of anyone who donated and feels the way you do.

Folks, I'm a lot of things. No matter what I've done in my life, I've never lowered my standards of honor.

Nor will I.

I am at this moment receiving loads of hate mail from people who should really know that I'm on their side. Or was.

And as far as being some sort of undercover Obama agent well, I could give you a list of people that I have bitched to about Obama and the cabal that runs the Democratic party. I am infamous in the Nevada state partys offices because I have let them have it several times when I have been OVER their complete and utter lack of organization and lack of vision. Reno anyone?

Having said that, I have decided to do what's best for the party. And besides, exactly which of Hillarys policies does McCain or Gov. Palin (notice how I have defended her) support? A womans right to choose? Uh, no. Offshore drilling? Hmm, no.

I put my personal health issues in the freakin' paper, FRONT PAGE, to help Hillary Clinton. All I did was put a poor dying guy face on the California delegates not getting a chance to jump amd down and smile for the folks back in Pico Rivera, which is what they have been working for for two years.

And I'm the bad guy. I will take that award proudly.


sandipuma said...

I will never vote for Obama and reason why is to save our country.I will along with millions cross over to Mccain/Palin for the sake of the United States of America. We understand why Hillary did what she did. She did it to stop bloodshed. If you can not see it then you never ever was for Hillary.To become a Bot it pathetic and tells me you allways were.Down With The Evil Obama and you run fast and tell him i said so. said...

lol, ok, when Barry and I get together and do that fist pump thing, I'll let him know.

JACK said...

Using a bullshitometer, we have translated sandipuma's jargon into plain English: I'm afriad to vote for a Black man so I'm going republican.