Thursday, August 28, 2008


I sent my fund raising letter to the Hillary Clinton Campaign.

I got a response that was heartfelt (I thought) and told I was in the running to speak for Hillary in Denver.

I was vetted.

I meet Mignon Moore, an incredible lady who was Bill Clintons communications/political director. She asked me a bunch of questions to see if I could stay "on point" (Stop laughing! Ok, that shit is funny. I mean, ME stay on point! Someone else's point. Now you know what LAUGH OUT LOUD LOL means.).

Well, to be honest, I was a sweaty mess. I had run directly there from the airport and I looked like shit (see pic in article in Review Journal in the blog links).

Well, the Clintonistas kept constant contact with me up until Molly Balls article came out in the view.

At that point I began to see the Hypocrisy of the Democratic party and Hillary Clinton campaign. I had broken the golden rule. I TOLD THE TRUTH.

You see, the Clinton campaign is SO not about the truth. It's about the lie that Hillary Clinton is thrilled that Barack Obama is the nominee.


She and Bill are pissed. They have every right to be. They were painted as racists and horrible invectives were thrown at them by cripto-fascist idiots like Keith Olberman (at some point he's going to explode and and the demon worm smegma of Dick Morris is going to be revealed to live within him.).

Her speech at the convention proved she IS the right choice for POTUS.

But, in this new Democratic party where the annointed one rules from on high she ,and we, are not allowed to be feel differently. After all, if we don't get in line and take the mark of the beast we'll be in big trouble soon. Personally, while my feelings on this race have changed drastically from when I left Vegas, I'll still take my chances and wait for the Rapture markless. Ha! Won't the Christians love that! "Do we take the Homo, after all he did refuse the mark?" "Yeah, but, there's that whole "he's way too stylish thing, he won't wear dockers in Heaven and that's standard uniform." Hmm, I got problems either way.

After the Review Journal article came out I became persona non grata to the Clintonistas. What a bunch of wussed out little weenie bobs. Not only did they not choose me to meet the Hillary, they, too this moment, haven't returned a call or txt. I also never heard another word about being a whip.


All the Clinton campaign wants you for is to send cash. They were fine with me as long as they could present to the world the "AIDS VICTIM DIE HARD HILLARY SUPPORTER". Die hard this.

All those PUMAS (who, btw, are really nice people, more on them to come) are wasting they're time. On several occasions I was told to stay away from them. They offered me money, transportation, a place to stay and food to eat. The Clinton staff couldn't even be bothered to let me put my laptop in their office while I went to find a coke. They are embarrassed by the PUMAS and look down on them.

I guess my point is this. If you support Hillary Clinton because of her experience and her contribution to our country, you, and I are one day going to be shown to have the right judgement regarding her. If you support because you think she's different than all the men who have run things all these years. I am so sorry to say she, or, more importantly her campaign staff is not.

I am so sorry.

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