Wednesday, August 27, 2008


So, I'm on the light rail in Denver trying to get to the convention center to see Hillary Clinton speak.

I'm all "white girl", totally lost and wondrous. I'm asking out loud if I'm anywhere near the convention center.

This black chick looks (barely) up from her texting and asks me if I'm going to see Hillary Clinton. I didn't even think I was looking gay. Hmph. I say yes and she informs me that Hillary isn't speaking at the convention center, she's at the place with some corporations' name.

Can you imagine how long I would have wandered around that convention center all, "Hil-la-ree! Hil-la-ree! Hi-la-ree!"? At least when I do that in my bedroom I'm alone.

"Let's share a cab", Black Chick commanded. Ok. So we jump in a cab ( I wanted the "green" cab but these two white Anne Taylor Loft broads totally grabbed it for the same "eco-chic" reasons I wanted it. I figured that would make up in carbon offsets or whatever the fuck for standing naked in front of the refridgerator with a fan on when it gets a little too hot in the crib.) . Black chick whips out a map and starts telling Hailee Sahlasee to get us there quick and said it in that tone like she was not planning on paying one cent extra , so, he needn't even think about going through Wyoming! I loveded her.

So, it turns out she's a "Blogger". The way she said it made it sound so hip ,even to me, the king of all that is hip, that I had to stand back and say, "dayum!" Before I knew it, Black chick had whipped out her mobile phone/camera/computer/interuterine ("...remembering to take your pill everyday can be such a drag..") device and was interviewing me for Rueters!

She's a bad mamajama! Just as bad as she can be!

Turns out Black Chick is the one who started "Michelle Obama Watch". Look it up. I'm tired of doing all the work. Her newest joint (ok, how black and "TRL" was that?) is:

Click it.

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