Sunday, August 31, 2008


Not that anyone is surprised but New York Times Rantologist Maureen Dowd tried her best to rip Gov. Sarah Palin of Alaska a new one because she's been chosen to be John McCains' VP running mate.

After insulting Alaskans as being from "an oversized igloo", then she goes on her usual women hating search and destroy mention where she got sorta close to sneering at Mrs. Palins' decision to have her baby even though she knew the baby had Downs Syndrome.

What bothers me most about today's woman hating bashathon is that it's so obvious. Maureen Dowd seems to only aim at fish swimming in barrels. She hasn't come up with an original subject in, I don't know, well, uh, ever. There's nothing worse than a hack. Well, unless we're talking about an obvious hack. In which case, step to the front Ms. Dowd.

I am no McCain backer but his choice of Palin is a brilliant political move. She's no less experienced than some other people in this election. She is after all a Governor of a very big (maybe the biggest?Hmm.)and rich state.

The spin the Dems have put on this is sorta creepy. The spinmeisters are saying the Vice-President has to be ready in case "something" happens to the President. Since McCain played Yatzee with Jesus, evidently, this is important. Now, here's where the creepy part comes in. Sen. Biden is supposed to be able to step in for his much less experienced President if "something" should happen to him.

Hmm, Barack Obama is a young man. He is healthy and as far as I can see, in perfect shape. How could such a healthy young man have something happen to him that would keep him from finishing his term(s) in perfect health? Hmm. Indeed.

So. We're supposed to worry about Mr McCain not having a capable Vice-President in case he drops dead but, somehow, we're not supposed to talk about the 1000lb Gorilla in the room. The only thing that could cause O to not finish his term is....I refuse to even say it because I refuse to believe that Senator Obama won't have the world's best security.

So, Maureen, what exactly is your argument again? Are you saying McCain has to have a Joe Biden type because he might die? Then please explain to me exactly why is it that Obama needs a Joe Biden type?

And why is so important that in her past Palin was a beauty Queen? Are you looking down at a woman because she's pretty? Or it is because she's pretty AND she's probably smarter than you AND pretty?

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