Friday, August 29, 2008


So, as I walked through Denver this week I had an epiphany.

The spirit of the Democrats in this town is amazing. Young and old. Black and White. Straight and Gay.

I have accepted that even though I have problems with his shifting positions to the right, amongst other things, the simple fact is that all this good spirit is due to the "Hope" that Barack has brought back to this country after 7 1/2 awful years.

As of this moment, I am pledging to get people off the fence and I pledge to get 100 people to the polls on election day to vote for Barack Obama and the local Democratic candidates on the ballot.

I cannot have the people who have never voted before be devastated by a Barack Obama loss in November. I am terrified that if Obama loses we will lose a huge percentage of voters who have come to the Democratic party for the first time. That would have a much bigger effect than can even be imagined.

Without these new voters we might possibly be locked into generations of venal Republican rule. Back alley abortions and getting arrested for Sodomy or speaking out against a war or checking out the wrong library book are not places I want to go.

The votes of youth are the one's I fear losing the most. If you could see the looks on their faces as they proudly wear their Democratic badges and wave the American Flag as they march in groups down the street, well, you would understand how important it is to make sure that they know their efforts are meaning something to the party and the country.

I hope everyone who reads this email will pass it on to other Democrats and will make a pledge to yourself to get voters to the polls on election day. Check with your local assisted living facilities, Homeless shelters, teen groups, etc., think outside of the box and get voters to help keep this spirit alive for the party and most importantly, for America.



sandipuma said...

You are a lying bastard tryng to get money from us to go to the convention and you are a Obama supporter.You make me want to vomit.We are 224 organizations against Obama and we are crossing over to vote and work for Mccain/Palin your precious empty suit will never have a chance as we have grown over 30 million strong. And don't think for one minute i won't forget your name and how you tried to dupe us for money. I am sending your name to all 224 orgs and talking about manners you have none and we talked on the phone while you lied to me.No Obama ever. said...

Sorry Sandi, you're wrong. SO wrong. I went to the convention a staunch HRC supporter. SHE's the on who first became an Obama supporter. I only came to face a political reality. Read the article in the Review Journal. That article got me banned by the Clinton team because i wouldn't drink the Kool-aid. I STILL think HRC would be a better POTUS but SHE sold us out.

I do thank you for getting the ball rolling around here!

Anybody else?

Craig Curtis said...

Well, Derisha, sounds like you gotta crack head (errr...pot) on your hands. Sandipuma should have heard our conversations over the years about Ms. HRC, AND your staunch dislike for Obama. But what's a Democrat to do?! Turn and vote for that doddering old Bushie and his Barbie Doll (or her cheap sister, Chippie) VP pick?! Go ahead, La Puma, turn coat and get another four years of Bushesque policies. Actually, if Mc Cain had a brain in his head, he would have gotten his wife Cindy, President of the Anheiser Bush (former) Corp. to be his running mate. She's a hell of a lot better looking, and rather than stalking wildlife she was selling us good old American BEER! I'm no Obama supporter, but I have only EVER voted Democrat, and I have no intention of straying. Nor do you, Mr. Washington. Yes, HRC is a brilliant woman, and far more qualified to run this country, but unfortunately her hubby (who I adore) was a millstone around her neck. She will serve well on Obama's cabinet, perhaps as the new Minister on Health Care. So sandipuma, as my Old Granny Aurelia McDowd Smith Van Orr would say, "Naff off!" Or was that Princess Anne?!