Monday, January 26, 2009


I can't stand Bruce Weber.

He's the Leni Riefenstahl of "fashion" photography.

If Leni Riefenstahl was a pervie senior citizen with an Aryan youth fetish.

His pictures for Abercrombie & Bitch always make me want to take a "Silkwood" shower whenever they enter my eyespace.

Can someone please explain to me where this all white world of barely legal people who frolic about naked exists? And, pray tell, EXACTLY how is that these naked soon to be "Gay for Pay" future pornstars of America sell clothes? I mean, there's not a stitch of actual fabric in any of the shots.

These homages to Hitler Youth are, essentially, NAMBLA stiffy starters.

Homage is "Gerard Depardieu is a fat, bad acting, foul smelling pig" (you know, French)for tired old limp weenied twink blower.

Well, Portland has a new Mayor, Sam Adams.

No, not that delightful, yet mediocre brew sold in your more obvious sports bars, this Sam Adams is for real!

Or is he?

It seems just before the election this year, Der Brewskie was asked if he had had a sexual relationship with a 17 year old boy intern.

"I did not have sexual relations with that woman", prevaricated Der Brewskie.

Oh wait.

That was Big Willie.


"I did not have sexual relations with that boy", prevaricated Der Brewskie.

Ok, now I got it right.


I swear.

Well, maybe Der Brewskie mispoke.


It seems the twink in the case, one, I kid you not Beau Breedlove, says they actually had a little tongue hockey on government property.

The Loo.

Ok, right now Bruce Weber is simultaneously popping a chubby and planning his next Abercrombie & Bitch shoot.

Right now.

Now Breedlove (Tee. Hee.)says that he was all down with Der Brewskie putting his boy prober into his slutty, yet delicate spit holder.


No. Really.


However, Oregon (It's a territory somewhere between someplaces far more important. And interesting.) law states that sexual contact between a boy of 17 and a middle aged pervazoid is classified as sexual abuse.

In other words, just because a kid gives you "that look" you still don't get to go all Roman Polanski and touch the Whisper Gently training jock.

A kid is a kid.

A perv is a perv.

So, this whole subject came up during Der Brewskies run for mayor of, someplace near someplaces more important. And interesting. Der Brewskie denied it and won as the first Gay mayor in his village of flannel wearing, earth eaters.

Oh yeah, Der Brewskies a total fagasexual.


Well, now that the twink, Beau Breedlove (I'm dying!), has cum forward (More. Tee. Hee. I'm so clever.) and told the truth about nastying up in the boys room, Der Brewskie is facing calls to resign.

As usual the apologist "leaders" of the LGBT community (please someone shoot the next person who says LGBT to me! GAY! FAGS! PRACTITIONERS OF THE LOVE THAT DARE NOT SPEAK IT'S NAME! M &M'S! ANYTHING BUT LBGT!) are coming forward to support Der Brewskie against calls for him to resign because of l'affaire.

L'affaire is "why should I wash my smelly underarms before I make love to you and your leetle dog" for dude made it with a kid. Yeah, French.

It seems our "leaders" and Gay hacks like Dan Savage(who's made a career out of being, oh, so outrageous and controversial) are actually ignoring the crime that was committed and the lie that was told to get elected and saying the whole thing is just an "anti-Gay witch hunt".

As far as they're concerned, Der Brewskie should be left alone. And besides, "the twink wanted it".

Here's my question. Straight or Gay, if your 17 year old was at work getting tongue banged and felt up in the toilet by his boss, how would you feel? And furthermore, exactly what would be your reaction to that same bosses lawyer saying that your child was, well, a slut who "wanted it"?

Yeah, that's what I thought.

So, our Gay "leaders" want us to defend this pig.


He molested an underage intern under his supervision.

He lied to win an election.

The point?

I don't mean to call Dr. Freud in, but, sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.

Sometimes wrong is just wrong.

Selling clothes by sexualizing youth is wrong.

Feeling up underage boys next to the shitter is wrong.

Calling yourself a "leader" and then defending a liar and a child molester just because he and you and I are Gay, is wrong.


I tell you.


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