Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I recently received the following email. I have quoted it verbatim. I have included my response. I "replied all" just to let everyone on this guys mailing list know what I thought.

I am Gay. You don't fuck with Kathy Griffin and expect a Gay to just sit there.

Do you?

Know who Kathy Griffin is?
She is NOBODY as far as I'm concerned!
"At the Emmy Awards, Kathy Griffins speech said, " a lot of people get up here and thank Jesus". She went on to say, "Suck it Jesus, this is my God now!" referring to her Emmy. As a Christian I am offended by her speech. What do you think would have happened if she had made her hate speech against Muhammad????

Kathy Griffin has the right as an American to say what she thinks. As a Christian-American, so do I. I will refuse to watch any show that she may be on or purchase tickets to any event at which she would perform. What will you do? If you delete this, nothing bad will happen to you, but if you pass this on, you will truly have stood up for Jesus Christ. Let's see what Christians can do.


I can't stand when celebs get up and say that Jesus or God had
something to do with their winning an award. I also hate when coaches
lead their teams in prayer to win a game. I also hate when beauty
contestants thank God for winning Miss Potato Field or whatever.

I hope God, Jesus, Mohamed, Buddha and whoever else has far more
important things to worry about than any of the people above and their
petty needs.

Example: Rappers who get up and thank God for an award after they have
built a career on turning Black women into Ho's and Bitches and Young
Black men into Niggas. I'm pretty sure God don't like that.

I also don't think that Jesus was actively involved in sending
Americans off to kill and be killed in Iraq. Nor do I feel Mohamed
had a role in flying planes into the World Trade Center.

Nor do I think God was there when Jesse Jackson was having adulterous
sex with a woman and having a bastard child. But to hear Jesse tell
it, God is always there with him.

So called "Christians" make me ill with their hyperventilating about
"Happy Holidays" instead of "Christmas". As if Christmas still has
more to do with the birth of Christ than a way for the news to gauge
the economy based on people buying useless crap made in "Godless"

So, I'm sorry, I have to say that Kathy (though she really said it the
wrong way) has my support.

Having said that, I wish more people were like you and stood up for
their beliefs and actually put themselves out there for whatever
response they might get.

Thanks and please include me on your email list as I always want to
hear every side of opinion.

Derek Washington

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Vtknitboy said...

amen sistah! i'm not a fan of her, and certainly not a fan of people who thank god for winning ANYTHING! so what, he hated the losing team/side/person?! gimme a break.