Thursday, January 8, 2009


Remember when dogs ate table scraps?

When kids took peanut butter sandwiches to school and no one got sued because "Algernon has a peanut issue"?

When a teacher could leave a classroom and nobody shot a classmate?

When water came from a faucet?

When you had to earn a gold star not be given one for your self esteem?


Neither do the Replicants who would buy this.

This wagon is cool. However, it is exactly what's wrong with America today. The whole country is being turned into a W hotel with Ira Glass on endless loop in the lobby.

This "PussyWagon" is for people who think they are uberhip, but, really are the same as their moms and dads, but, with fauxhawks, "Mid Century Homes" and
"Tribal Ink."

Bores. Big fat Dwell Magazine bores.

They cook using curry and play cultural tourist and think they're "aware of the world". Guess what? Two weeks at a "Four star Eco Resort in Ecuador with Filipino maids and Bamboo floors" aint the real world.

And neither is pulling Dashiel and Apple in this "100 Best New Ideas For Kids" or whatever the F this thing is.

PussyWagon. Plain and simple.

P.S. Am I too young to be a curmudgeon?

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