Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Ever want something so very badly that you would kill for it?

Sort of.

You just know it's going to taste so good.

Well, like seeing the Colin Ferrell XXX Tape, sometimes what you want very badly just doesn't live up to the hype.

I really wanted to like that Black English chick what's her name Lewis.

Not so much.

At all.

Ever watch a cat lick itself into some really nasty frenzy? Well, at the time it's SO very good. Twenty minutes later, that bitch is coughing up a furball all Tila Tequilaish.

(Ok, what the fuck is that chick about? I mean a bi-sexual whore gets a career?!? If it weren't for E! that bitch would be doing ping pong shows outside the base in Danang. Very badly.).

Well, after "The Terrors" of my weekend I wanted something so very badly.


That's hairy, smelly, beret wearing frog for , "Oh No You D'NT!

Got it.

Not so much.

So, I'm removing the post about the last night at El Rancho de la Puerco Muerto.

Nobody asked me to , but, it's like, I'm having such a good time in life why care about anything negative?


Not so much.


Craig Curtis said...

It's amazing that in the midst of a depression (or nearing it), a war we did not have to fight, a deficit that's OUTRAGEOUS, we can become so out-there with apathy. I'm bored, too. And I don't even have fucked-up roommates!!!

Where do you get X anyway?!

I need to stop eating ghetto potatoes (hot water from the spigot and food bank potato know the recipe) and spin out on drugs.

Fortunately, I live in the penthouse, so I have no weather damage here in Federal Disaster Zone Bellingham.

Get a grip Derisha!

You need some illegal meds, and how! said...

LOL Curtis!

I'm high on life!

Oh Gawd, I'm gonna throw up!