Wednesday, November 12, 2008


This really happened.

In 2008.

In America.

I swear.

On 15 October my friend Gigantor asked me if I knew a place to get his computer fixed. I said I had heard of a place called SUPERTECH on Sahara right next to the Statue of Liberty (the irony will make you chuckle later. Or kick a bitches' ass.).

We went and a little pimple of a Warcraft dweeb said it would be two days.

Well, after numerous phone calls (which Gigantor had to make to them) they admitted that the part came but was the wrong one so they were waiting but that they would have it expressed.


So, on 08 (Sat) NO FUCKING VEMBER Gigantor said he had had it and would be coming to pick up his computer the following day on Sunday.

The sign at this home for dried worm smegma clearly states Sat/Sun closing at 3pm.

We arrived at 2pm on the dot. The place was closed.

So, Monday at 4pm we go to the store and Gigantor asked them to waive their $65 "diagnostic" fee.

When we dropped of the lap top Gigantor told THEM what was wrong with the computer and cautioned them that their was adult content on the computer of a "love that dare not speak it's name" persuasion.

This is where it gets good.

These two fucks who run the place proceeded to tell Gigantor it was his fault for not being patient! HELLOOOOO!

They also told him that they lied about expressing the part because they weren't going to pay for an express fee.

When I said that their customer service was the worst I had ever seen I was told "you act like a woman, you just want to argue."


So, you have obviously just said you don't respect women AND you just implied something about my masculinity.

After much fussing (like women I guess) the owner says that if Gigantor doesn't pay he will call the police.


Exit stage left.

But. Oh. No.

The little one says to me, "I like women". And proceeds to do a little mincing dance like someone from Flower Drum Song In front of the owners son AND the owner!

Not a word from the owner.

Then he says to me he says, "you need a boy, I like women."

I of course told him that he needed a dick in his mouth.

I was about to kick his little repressed, suppressed, inbred flat ass but I looked over and realized I had just made that comment in front of the little boy.

My bad.

I also realized that all of this was on camera. They were everywhere. probably because of all their happy customers. Honestly, if that little bitch had said that to me out of camera range I would be dictating this from a jail cell and he would be eating pussy through a straw.

Straight guys don't realize who they are fucking with sometimes. I will hurt a bitch for what he did. More importantly, his boss said nothing.




How do you let an employee gay bash (verbally) a customer in your store? In front of your child?

Sir, have you no shame?

So, needless to say I highly encourage you to write SUPERTECH a bitchy little letter and make sure no one you know patronizes them.

Why you may ask haven't I gone to some authority or gay org to have protests, etc.?

Simple, there are much bigger battles to fight than some dickless, fantasy loving, pimple who made "fag" comments. Personally, I'd rather handle him in the proper way.

To whit:

I challenge that closet case little fucker to meet me in a gym with or without gloves (oh yeah, we can go all UFC. Bitch) so that he can reiterate his feelings about gay people.

This is a serious offer.


I swear.

C'mon little fucker. Man up. Talk shit about gay people in a ring and find out what official discrimination, trash talking, and all the gay bashing bitches like you have done over the years feels like when I fuck you up!

Bring it.



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clnmike said...

Damn it man! You should of whipped tha little punks ass anyway. just enough to get the press involved.

Thats the problem right there gay people do not hand out enough ass whippings.

In futere though I suggest your friend get a passport ( up to 380G) to store his business on to avoid mess like this. said...


JWebb said...

He's right D. If you had called him, what he called you, he would have gotten his ass beaten is a blaze of glory "defending" his "straightness" unless of course he's a NORML straight guy like me in which he wouldn't have said all that shit in the first place. Booo ALL stupid people!