Sunday, November 16, 2008


The "Big 3" US automakers are in serious trouble and now asking for a bailout.

Just like the bloodsucker's on Wall St got.

You know them, they just got back from some sun drenched spot via their(oops, it's your now) Gulfstream G5.

Or is G6?

I forget.

The Republicans are lining up and shouting , "No Bailout for Detroit! This is all the fault of the greedy union workers and their high salaries and crazy benefits!"

High salaries as opposed to the, oh, I don't know, maybe the ass hats who ran AIG into the ground?

Crazy benefits like any Congressman in this country gets?

Why do I get the feeling that the right wingers are drooling at this as a chance to not bust, but kill, the unions?

I see a lot of white collar angst here at regular Joes who didn't go to college , and yet, make more money than some middle management paper pusher "analyst" who's never really worked a day in his life. Who has no idea what it's like to sweat and stand all day on sore feet. Who can't comprehend that some people don't go to Vail for a week long "seminar".

"Some people" work hard at honest jobs actually producing a tangible product that you can touch. At the end of the week they take their paycheck, go down to Joe the Butcher's shop and buy some steaks, pick up the wife and kids, pack up the SUV from the Chevy dealer down by the highway and hit the lake with a quick stop down at the propane place to buy fuel to grill that steak.

I watch the analysts on Fox and they are gleeful at the thought of the great unwashed, uneducated getting their just desserts. They think it's a good idea for union folk to be without good health care and retirement benefits.

Guess what? People without jobs don't end up as Wal Mart greeters. They end up on Welfare and Medicaid.

Which the great college boy class will pay for.

Furthermore, the union thing is not what is killing the big 3. It's the one thing every other country we compete against has that we don't.

Universal Health Care. The big 3 are at a total disadvantage because our country can throw trillions at Wall st and Main st in Iraq but not billions for all Americans to have health care. Japan, Korea, etc supply this basic right.

Of course, our defense complex (Haliburton anyone?) keeps those countries from spending billions every year by paying for their defense when ,to be honest, them going back to their warring ways would probably be the best thing for our economy (see WW2).

I'm being facetious but dig my point.

I also see the repugs playing a dangerous and cynical game. They want to force millions of "untrained" and therefore "uneducated" union (i.e Democratic) workers into the streets and onto breadlines while living in tent Hoovervilles which will saddle Obama with a huge image crisis.

Somehow, they think this will lead to victory two years from now in the next set of elections.

Sirs, at long last, have you NO honor?

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Craig Curtis said...

Well, I don't see why in the hell we haven't looked back on the old Chrysler bail-out. This was NO handing over of moola. This was business. They had to put up half the cash, give the government premium stocks, and promise to come up with some new ideas on car manufacturing and design. Out of this came the K Car (which brought the convertible back in style via the ultimate ginch-mobile), The Mini-van AND the Neon, which saved gas and was a popular car for YEARS after. All of these cars were affordable. I think these same principles should apply today as yesterday, because they WORK. It should have been thought about before we started handing money hand over fist to banks. WE WANT SOMETHING IN RETURN.

And we want it NOW!