Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Democrats, Republicans, Latino Leaders Unite vs. Hispanic Voter Suppression Efforts; Univision Pulls the Ads; Angle Silent

Inexplicably, Sharron Angle remains silent as the national uproar over her comments to local Hispanic high school group grows louder and louder

LAS VEGAS – Within hours of an out-of-state right-wing Latino front group with ties to the Bush Administration announcing they’d run television ads with the shameful and appalling goal of suppressing the Latino vote in the November 2nd election, local Latino leaders denounced the group and challenged both candidates and media outlets to denounce and refuse to air these un-American ads and their despicable message.

In addition to Sen. Reid, both gubernatorial candidates Rory Reid and Brian Sandoval were quick to denounce the ads and call for them to be pulled from the airwaves for their offensive and abhorrent message to suppress the Hispanic vote right here in Nevada. News outlets are now reporting Univision will not air the group’s offensive, un-American message on its airwaves.

And while bipartisan opposition to this out-of-state, anti-Latino filth was unanimous from the moment the ads were released until the announcement Univision would pull them from the airwaves, we heard nothing but deafening silence from Republican Sharron Angle.

Perhaps that’s because Angle didn’t want to address the national uproar surrounding her pathological assertion to a group of local Hispanic teenagers that her widely-criticized immigration ads aren’t actually about Latinos, but rather they’re about Canada and our northern border. Perhaps it’s because of Angle’s keen interest in suppressing the Latino vote since her extreme anti-Hispanic agenda has been exposed throughout the course of the campaign. Whatever the reason, Sharron Angle’s silence in the face of this serious threat to suppress the voices of Nevadans is completely reprehensible.

“Since the moment that news of these despicable voter suppression tactics were made public, bipartisan Nevada leaders and the Latino community have spoken out against these un-American tactics with one unified voice – except for Republican Sharron Angle, who’s involved in a national media firestorm over anti-Hispanic remarks she refuses to explain,” said Reid campaign spokesman Kelly Steele. “The fact that Sharron Angle refused to speak out against these truly abhorrent tactics should tell all Nevadans, and especially the Hispanic voters she’d prefer be silenced, everything they need to know about why she’s unfit to represent our state in the US Senate.”

When in doubt, do like Sharron, BLAME CANADA

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