Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Dina "The Professor Is About To Kick Your Ass!" Titus vs Joe "What Just Happened" Heck Tonight!

Moi does love a good battle.

Alexis vs Crystal in the pond on Dynasty.

Granny vs Jethro.

Gloria Allred vs Men.

But Moi REALLY loves a good old fashioned beat down.

And that, my little Democrats, is EXACTLY what Dina Titus did to What the(Joe) Heck the other night in Henderson.

Warning: When Titus puts on the spectacles, you 'bout ta get hurt up in here.

Heck must have thought he was back in Iraq as the incoming was hitting him left and right.

The Professor had The Book!

The facts were pouring out in such rapid fire you almost thought Dina was spraying bullets like a G-Man at a Mobster's Ball. All Joe could do was sit there looking like he wished he was out teabaging somewhere.




Tonight is another round and I want front row. I think I'll grab some Red Vines on the way 'cause it's about to pop off up in here!

DINA TITUS vs Who cares?

Temple Beth Sholom

10700 Havenwood Lane

Las Vegas

Be there!

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dana said...

great stuff, i wish i had been there to see that!!