Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Over the past few days you have refused to give a simple answer on whether or not you wrote a homophobic letter when you were an Assemblyman on State Letterhead. In addition, you have refused to answer whether or not you had a sign on your desk that read, "No Rights For Sodomites".

I would appreciate an answer immediately. Yes or No answers only. I have become increasingly exasperated with your tap dancing around the questions as if you were trying to just keep dancing until we "Yahoos" leave you alone.

Furthermore, you have decided that this is somehow the fault of everyone from some imaginary intern to the great unknown homophobic UNR football player (Btw, you should be ashamed of yourself for smearing the University that way). You have tried to say that this couldn't have happened because you always sign both first and last names to your letters. You seem to remember the details of every single thing of the time except whether or not you signed this homophobic letter or had that homophobic and rather childish sign on your desk. If your office was run so haphazardly that interns and college football players were able to issue derogatory letters on your state letterhead, why should I support your run for an office that requires way more management skills than you seem to posses?

I am also putting you on notice that I am a hard core Democrat. I am Chairman of the largest LGBT political organization in this state. In addition I have almost 4,000 "Friends" on Facebook, 2,000 or so followers on Twitter and was recently named one the "Top Ten Bloggers in Las Vegas" by AOLand co-host a progressive radio show with Stonewall Democrats State Caucus President Chris Miller. I say that, not to brag. I am telling you this to explain to you that I will keep asking you this question until I get a Yes or No answer to my questions, to Chris Miller's questions AND to Republican Mark Ciavola's questions. If you can't answer the simple questions we have asked, I will simply encourage everyone I reach everyday to start asking you those very same questions.

I don't know if you're trying to run out the clock until voting begins, but rest assured, I want an answer well before the early voting process begins. I have never voted for a Republican in my life, do not force me to in your case.

Your opponent will be a guest on our show this Saturday, I welcome your participation as well.

I expect an answer soon.

Derek Washington


BonnieJ said...

Derek - vote for the GOP in this race! At least Gariano worked in the Constable's office (for approx. 13 years). Bonaventura has been running on his uncle's and cousin's coat tails and thinks he'll be a great Constable because "his daddy was" our Constable waaaaay back in the day.

Anonymous said...

How can you vote for a guy that worked for 2 corrupt constables and was FIRED by a 3rd? I’m talking about Gariano! Look it up it’s public record. I’m voting for Bonaventura 100%