Thursday, March 26, 2009



In The LV is the exciting new addition to the radio and webscene focusing on Life and Love in Las Vegas.

Broadcasting live on Klav 1230 am and simulcast at IN THE LV will bring you the latest news about politics, entertainment, relationships and life IN THE LV. Wednesdays, beginning 01 April 2009 Las Vegas will finally have "appointment radio" from 9-11pm every week.

IN THE LV will be a 2 hour block of programming co-hosted by Derek Washington ("Life In The LV") and "Engayging Introductions" Chris Miller ("Love In The LV"). Derek will have no holds talks with local and national figures about politics and our ever changing society along with a tour of his own "secret" Vegas with it's hidden treasures and fun places that only the most in the know locals can tell you about. Chris will give Las Vegas it's first relationship show focusing on LGBT issues that most shows won't go near. From questions about what not to do on a first date to how to make sure that you and your partner are making the correct choices for your financial future, "Love In The LV" will be a frank, yet, fun look at modern relationships.

In addition, IN THE LV will also have dedicated blocks of Health and Fitness and Entertainment blocks available for sponsorship (contact us for special rates).

Being a new program, we would like to offer you an amazing chance at getting in on the ground floor of what will be a very successful show. Keep in mind that we will be using all of the modern tools to promote this block of programming. Along with the internet simulcast we will be live Twittering, Face Booking, Myspace, Blogging,Skyping, probably some "ings" that you haven't even heard of yet! All of these tools will make this show, not only local, but international in reach. With Las Vegas being one of the few "world" cities, we at IN THE LV feel that we must reach out around the globe to make sure that visitors planning a trip to The LV already have a friend when they hit the ground at McCarren.

Enough with the hype, let's get to the dollars! For our first month the following rates will apply:


Special Introductory Ad Rates April 1,8,15,22

Time Price Run

30 sec spot $50 For all 4 weeks!

60 sec spot $100 For all 4 weeks!

We would like to provide an introductory special. For the first 4 weeks,
April 1,8,15 and 22, we are offering an opportunity you cannot refuse.
For each 30 sec spot you purchase, your cost is $50.

How can you pass up 4 weeks of radio and internet advertising on Las Vegas' hottest new
show for only $50 - $100?


Chris Miller 702.569.6744 cell / 702 896 2170 office
Derek Washington 702.388.2881

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Craig Curtis said...

Great show!!! If I had anything to sell (no comment), you'd have my $$$ for sure. I LOVED IT!