Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Ok, here I go.

I have NEVER heard of anyone wanting to live "The Japanese Dream". Or that China is the "land of opportunity". Or that Russia is "where freedom rings".

As long as the good ole USA is all of the above we will be okay. Does anyone remember when the Japanese were going to "own" us? Their superior intellect and strategic planning would have us serving up McSushi to our Nipponese overlords.

Along came a little thing called porn, uh, I mean the internet. We ruled the world yet again with our innovation and ability to make money out of our innate American spirit of "can do it-ness". Not too long ago Russia was going to show us a thing or two. How's that Moscow Tower thing going now? Dubai? Can you say sagebrush? Then it was the "Chinese and/or Indian Century". Quelle bore that. Billions of pissed off serfs realizing that the newly monied just wanted them off their rice paddies and onto the factory floor (or if you were a gullible woman, the slave whorehouse.). Real new age.

Simple fact. We are going through a crap period, but, remember what happened to Tojo, Hitler and Mussolini when they decided that we were just a bunch of lazy fat asses. We have a new President who has actually inspired millions to be involved in their country and just like Roosevelt, he will help us through it. If you don't like him I will just tell you what I heard for the last eight years, "get over it, he won!"

America, love it or help fix it.


Craig Curtis said...

Oh, yes. We will get through it. Just bring on the escapist flix of the first 2/3 of the 20th Century, and we'll all be OK. But focus on the news for more than a newsreel worth? Forget it. Throw in a Tom and Jerry Cartoon...I'm all about it. Charge me a nickle, I'm there.

Just turn off the frigging TV for a second. Sheesh.

Carole9073 said...

Ah Coiffure, you truly are my fave curmudgeon!

Andy Rooney, look out!

Craig Curtis said...

You know what I hate?! I hate people with numbers after their names. I mean, why numbers? Are letters not enough! Take for instance CAROLE666SOMETHINGOROTHER. Who the hell is SHE?! She MIGHT live in the wastelands of Las Vegas, but what the hell do IIIII know?! She might live in the ruins of the Flamingo or the Sands! And that brings me to my dusty toupee. You know what I REALLY hate?! The fact that I've been wearing the same wig since 1982, which, Mssssss. 666CAROLE is a 'do I happen to wear very well. BTW (as they say in these new techie days) 666, who are YOU to call me by my old 1929 alma mater nick-name?! Who ARE you. Hopefully you voted for THAT ONE, or else I would see to it that you were out of whatever kind of job it is you do HAVE, unless that job is acting as Princess TEAT to some foundlings. They need milk just as much as my ghetto potato flakes do. Speaking of MILK, the Oscar winning bunch of treacle put out by petulant pedophile Gus Van Sant....WHAT HORSE PUCKY! Ah! Clock's ticking out....gotta go.