Thursday, December 18, 2008


I rarely change anything that I have written but I did receive some feedback on the following post that I felt was important and valid.

The post seems to have come off as a reverse racism sort of thing, i.e. "White Gays are the Devil!".


I'm a lot of things but Reverend Faracaca I aint.

My point was really meant to lampoon the mindset of a certain socioeconomic substrata of the Gay community. I think if you are not in that particular group you get what I mean, however, it was a very valid point that it comes off a bit anti-white.

Some of my best friends are white.

Oh come on, how could I resist that one?

Muchos Sorrios if it offended.

Criminy, the things I have to do in the spirit of the Holidays.

1 comment:

Craig Curtis said...


You are the whitest fag I know! And now pandering?! Merry fucking Christmas?!

This is civil.

You are my eldest friend.

Whatever POTUS means.

And did I mention colon cancer? No, I will not undergo chemo.

And the whitest group you ever turned me on to? Big hair, one died of know who I mean