Saturday, December 27, 2008


Well, we did it.

Or should I say, we're starting to do it.

This weekend I was able to get down to the very cold streets of The LV and pass out the clothes and food that had been donated by a lot of the locals.

Every single person who received help was so polite and grateful that i almost forgot what a bad situation they were in.

It's been crazy cold here in The LV and so many people were huddled up next to each other for warmth that it was just really weird to witness. But, they couldn't have been nicer and they handed anything that they couldn't use to others behind them in line.

Everyone said thank you and shook my hand.

Contrast that with the idiots who trampled a man to death at WalMart and then kept shopping.

I'm jes sayin'.

Next time you're bitching about your situation stop and think how bad it could be. You could be thanking a stranger who gave you a coupla Cup A Noddles and some T-shirts on the street where you live behind a sheet and some cardboard.

Big, no, HUGE thanks to everyone who donated!

Let's make C.A.S.E. a year round thing.

Love ya all!