Saturday, May 16, 2009


I was recently attacked at the Clark County Government Center by the hate filled homophobe of an excuse for a christian, Billy Eckstine McCurdy. He is the "pastor" for the Revival Temple here in Las Vegas.

After calling me a FAGGOT several times , he then said "all the men in his church had been given aids by a FAGGOT!" He then attacked a woman who came to my defense and called her an "abomination" and then screamed "in the name of Jesus, I rebuke thee!"

It was a sad and pathetic display of the most unhinged and hatefilled behavior I had ever witnessed. It happened in front of several witnesses.

I would let this go, however, this psychopath claims to do political consulting work for Mayor Oscar Goodman and was at the Government Center to speak on behalf of a judicial candidate.

I would like to know from both men why they have this "man" working for them. And I would like to know now.

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