Monday, December 6, 2010


Monday 06 December
6-830pm The Arts Factory #215 upstairs 107 E Charleston 89104 at Casino Center
Derek Washington 702-576-4978
Justin McAffee 702-374-6009

Stonewall will be having its monthly meeting as a joint event with the CSN Capital Club. We are going to be discussing various issues including the first day of the Prop 8 appeal trial in California after watching some of the day’s highlights. We are honored to have legal expert Ari Ezra Waldman via Skype for a Q&A session as well as UNLV Constitutional Law expert Thomas B. McAffee to discuss our various topics throughout the evening.

This meeting (with help from Progress Now Nevada’s Brian Fadie) will be an experiment in taking Stonewall to an entirely new level by using technology to expand our range and influence. There is a whole new world of opportunities for Stonewall to explore in both political and community activism, and with online technology we can exploit these opportunities in a way never before done in Nevada by any Democratic political club or caucus. We’re proud to be joined in this first endeavor by CSN’s Capitol Club.


Nelson Araujo from Senator Reid’s office will join us for updates on Senator Reid’s efforts to pass The DREAM ACT.

Sue Fulton of Knights Out (an LGBT organization of “Out” former Armed Service members) will join us via Skype to talk about the latest DADT news.

Linsey Peckonis and Jerame Davis of National Stonewall will join us via Skype to tell us about what Stonewall chapters around the country are doing.

Shannon Cuttle will speak about the need for all inclusive SAFE SCHOOLS.

Stonewall’s Director of Hispanic Outreach Leo Murrieta will fill us in on his exciting new project, The Nevada Youth Coalition. The Nevada Youth Coalition (NYC) is an organization whose primary goal is to get and keep young people engaged in civics and community service projects. The NYC and its members have actively participated in community events and phone banks in support of the DREAM ACT, the repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell, and will be engaging Nevada's legislature on behalf of our state's education system in next year's legislative session.

Karen Grayson is our Director of Transgender Outreach and she’ll be asking us to brainstorm with her about better outreach through technology to America’s Transgender community. Her “One Step Closer” project will aim to reach out to those people who are not comfortable with a public display of being Transgender and really just need someone to talk to about being Transgender.

Our Vice-Chair Sandy Eddy will give us a report on the very successful Stonewall led Team BATTLE BORN at the Rock & Roll Marathon and tell you how you can support Stonewall when you shop online.

Chris Miller will explain his vision for the Stonewall State Caucus. This vision includes The Stonewall State Caucus taking an active role in the State of Nevada’s political future while making sure that the issues of LGBT Democrats and progressives are on the agenda of our elected representatives.

The club will hear about a proposed partnership with Michael Flores of Progress Now Nevada and Aid For AIDS Nevada on community gardens and other possible projects. These projects will not only help the LGBT community through providing healthy and fresh vegetables for those with HIV, but also help inner city dwellers take charge of their sexual health through innovative HIV awareness projects partnering with the African American and Latino Communities.

Michael will be telling us about a very successful project that he has initiated in on of the impoverished inner city housing projects that was recently featured in a profile in the Las Vegas Review Journal.

Our elected and newly elected Democrats are STRONGLY urged to attend this meeting as well as anyone who has never been to a Stonewall meeting.


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