Wednesday, November 3, 2010



Hi All,

Well, we did it. We won some and we lost some. Most importantly, Stonewall Democrats of Southern Nevada stepped up and helped out several campaigns in a way that has never been done before.

We should be especially proud of our efforts on behalf of Senator Reid and Congresswoman Titus. I’d also like to pat you all on the back for the work we’ve done getting to know our judicial candidates. I know quite a few Stonewall members became “go-to” people on sample ballots that people took to the polls and of that I am most proud.

I have to say thank you to Chandler Levrich for getting us through the rough patches in the beginning when we needed to know how the club actually operated “backstage”.

None of what we’ve accomplished this year could have been without our board, Sandy Eddy, Chris Miller, Laura Martin, Leo Murrietta and our newest board member, Nathaniel Phillips.

I have to heap special praise on two board members. Andrew “Nerdrock” Davey is not only our Secretary; he is our Political Director who guided us through so many issues so that Stonewall has always had a ready answer when needed for our membership and politicians who needed guidance on our issues. He has been a tireless and dedicated campaign helper for several candidates and I’m not only thankful to him, but, proud as well.

Karen “Tool Time Barbie” Grayson has been an amazing Director of Transgender Outreach and been an excellent volunteer on every event we have had. In addition, I feel safe in saying; we could not have built the Senator David Parks Lending Library at The Center without her. She also has empowered the Transgender community with her tireless personal outreach to our Nevada politicians and candidates. All of this led us to present her with the very first “Stonewall Member of the Year” award named in her honor.

Sandy, Chris and Laura have been exceptional in making Stonewall one of the top clubs in the party and helping Stonewall have a national presence through our activism and Laura’s press releases.

I expect great things from Nathaniel as well. Now that he is free from his two consecutive campaigns, we hope Leo will be able to expand on the work that we have been doing in the Latino / Immigrant rights movement.

I also wish to thank Alptamise Hailey and Kimberly Michelle who helped us raise quite a bit of our election war chest through their generosity.

There are no words to express the amazing support that the staff of Senator Reid has given Stonewall. I simply say thanks.

Wes, Debra, Gayle, Tina and Ryan at The Arts Factory and Bar Bistro helped us make our name as the best place to learn about politics in the entire state, thank you!

Thank you Genevieve Flores and Linsey Peckonis for your brief but vital stay here in our state helping to “Elect Equality”.

I would be remiss if I didn’t say thank you to Rob Schlegel, Kelly MacFarlane Smith, Qvegas Magazine and the LGBT Statewide Coalition for their support as we expanded our role into helping build the LGBT community into a political force and an agent of social change in Nevada with the respect of the local media and politicians.

This letter could not be complete without a heartfelt thank you to Clark County Democratic Chairwoman Roberta Lange. She has been our advisor, friend and our champion. She and her husband Ken have been extraordinary in their support of our club and its goals. Thank you so much Roberta.

Thank you all,

Derek Washington
Chairman Stonewall Democrats of Southern Nevada

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