Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Laura Martin
Stonewall Democrats of Southern Nevada
Communications Director
Las Vegas, NV 04/06/10:  Nearly 70 people packed an upstairs gallery of Downtown Las Vegas’ Arts Factory for Stonewall Democratic Club of Southern Nevada’s April membership meeting. Two very special guests, Robin McGehee and Erin Neff inspired the crowd to fight back against bullying, harness the same type of energy the Tea Party and other seditious organizations have and use it for good and continue to call out the bias and lies printed daily in the conservative Las Vegas Review Journal. A new board was elected (results below) and we conducted our 2nd Straw Poll Election for the 2010 midterms
Candidates who do not have a primary opponent were not polled. If a candidate’s name is not listed on the results, it is because they received 0% or no votes.
In no way should these results be interpreted as an endorsement. The state Stonewall board is conducting a candidate interview process which will results in the endorsement of Democratic candidates. Southern Nevada members are free to organize and vote for any candidate of their choosing. These results serve as more of a guide for both candidates and members.
US Senate
Harry Reid 100%
US Congress CD02
46% None of the above
15% Kenneth McKenna
15% Nancy Price
15% Other
6% Denis “Sam” Denhe
US Congress CD03
97% Dina Titus
3% Other
Nevada Governor
100% Rory Reid
Nevada Lt. Governor
73% Paul Murad
15% Jessica Sferrazza
6% Robert Randazzo
6% None
Nevada Senate 7-B
55% Mark Menendo
21% Kathy McCalin
18% None
6% Other
Nevada Senate 8
Mark Brandon 52%
Tammy Peterson 33%
Republican challenger 12%
Other 3%
Nevada Senate 9
58% Benny Yerushalmi
21% None of the above
15% Steven Saxe
6% Other
Nevada Assembly 4
76% Gary Fisher
21% None
3% Other
Nevada Assembly 6
45% Harvey Mumford
40% None
15% Other
Nevada Assembly 7
73% Carolyn Essex
15% Dina Neal
9% None
3% Other
Nevada Assembly 8
58% Jason Frierson
18% None
12% Jesse Cantero
9% Other
3% Kevin Child
Nevada Assembly 11
Olivia Diaz 73%
None 24%
Other 3%
Nevada Assembly 13
64% Lou DiSalvio
21% None
9% Brian Boothe
6% Other
Nevada Assembly 14
48% Maggie Carlton
30% None
13% Karen Hayes King
9% Other
Nevada Assembly 15
37% Chernia Klevin
27% Lou Toomin
18% Elliott Anderson
15% None
3% Other
Nevada Assembly 18
58% Venicia Considine
21% Richard Carillo
18% None
3% Lou West Enwright
Nevada Assembly 19
33% None
28% Steven Brooks
18% Meghan Smith
9% Brandon Casutt
9% Scott Hafen
3% Piange B Jackson
Nevada Assembly 22
58% None
15% Randy Spoor
15% Other
9% Kevin Donavan
3% Zachary S. Campbell
Nevada Assembly 42
48% Irene Bustamente Adams
25% Sam Christos
21% None
3% Kyle Greenwood
3% Other
Nevada State Board of Education
64% Jose Solorio
24% None
6% Annie Yvette Wilson
6% Other
Nevada State University Regent 3
88% Ken Lange
9% None
3% Other
Nevada State University Regent 7
55% None
21% Lucille I Thaler
15% Other
9% Bob Hasegawa
Nevada State University Regent 12
70% Dwayne Chestnut
15% None
12% Mark Newburn
3% Other
Clark County Commission G
67% David Parks
33% Greg Esposito
District Court Department 26
75% Gloria Sturman
9% Other
9% None
6% Bruce L Gale
District Court Department 28
82% Ron Israel
9% None
6% John Hall Howard Jr
3% Other
District Court Department 30
52% Jerry Weise
27% Patricia “Trish” Palm
12% None
6% Michael Davidson
3% Other
District Court Department 31
64% Philip Dabney
15% Joanna Kishner
12% Joshua Kunis
6% Other
3% None
District Court Department 32
61% Rob Bare
27% None
6% Ellen Stoebling
6% Other
District Court Department S
85% Vincent Ochoa
6% Ethan Kotler
3% Greta Muirhead
3% Other
3% None
District Court Department T
58% Gayle Nathan
30% Carl F Piazza
6% None
3% Terrance Marren
3% Other
Stonewall Democratic Club of Southern Nevada election results:
Chair: Derek Washington
Vice Chair: Sandra Eddy
Treasurer: Christopher Miller
Secretary: Andrew Davey
Stonewall is America's only grassroots Democratic LGBT organization. We focus on creating change in three ways: educating the LGBT community about the differences between the political parties; mobilizing the LGBT community to get out to vote on Election Day for fair-minded Democrats; and standing up when Republicans attack our families and our civil rights while we lead the Democratic party to continue improving its record on issues important to our community. For more info: http://sdcsn.blogspot.com/


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