Thursday, March 4, 2010

RORY REID VISITS STONEWALL by Laura Martin (reprinted from Stonewall Democrats)

Rory Reid address the Southern Nevada Stonewall Democrats
Press Release - March 4th, 2010

"I am here to recruit you."

Those words spoken by Clark County Commission Rory Reid were familiar to the crowd of one hundred, packed into the Gay and Lesbian Center of Las Vegas for the Stonewall Democratic Club of Southern Nevada meeting. A cynic would accuse the Nevada gubernatorial candidate of egregious pandering. But for anyone following Rory's campaign, they'd know he has used the late Harvey Milk's words for months; in front of crowds of varying sexuality, race, age, education and social status, in all corners of the state of Nevada. He does this not to pander, or to be provocative. As Rory said during Stonewall Dems' meeting, he understands that like Harvey, and more recently President Obama, he can't just win this election, he must build a movement.

Nevada's current governor, Jim Gibbons (who is running for reelection against Rory), made his Republican pontifications over small government and low taxes a reality. In doing so, he's nearly choked the life out of the state. We are experiencing a deep depression and instead of making bold decisions to increase revenue for the state, he's cut vital services, state employees salaries (not his own of course) and even tried to eliminate the Nevada Equal Rights Commission (NERC), the agency that oversees the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. It’s the only agency in the state that resolves LGBTQ-related discrimination, and the only agency that enforces, SB207, a bill to end discrimination against transgendered persons in Nevada. This is not the first time Governor Gibbons has tried to trample on LGBTQ rights, he also vetoed SB 286, the bill allowing Domestic Partnerships in NV; a veto that was, thankfully, overridden.

Which brings me back to Rory. While he admits he does not know every detail to SB207, he strongly supports the rights of transgendered persons and feels they should have the same rights and legal avenues as everyone else if they are discriminated against. And he was appalled at the governor’s attack on NERC. Stonewall members reacted strongly to his suggestion that a study be conducted before Clark County employees are given Domestic Partnership rights. Rory insisted that he is willing to meet with and talk to anyone to provide him with more insight and understanding on the subject. His bottom line: as governor of Nevada, everyone is welcome, everyone is equal, and he will work hard to make it that way, but he needs our help.

Equality Democrats like Rory Reid need us. He needs us not to just vote for him, but to engage him, our peers, our neighbors and our friends. Rory Reid has a plan to pull this state out of this depression. Stonewall Democrats of Southern Nevada have been attending and hosting dozens of events each month, working to keep our majorities in all houses in all levels of government, but most importantly, to remove anti-LGBTQ bigot, Jim Gibbons from the governor’s mansion in Carson City.

We have come closer than ever before to repealing Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, making marriage legal for everyone and getting rid of the abhorrent Defense of Marriage Act. Our hard work can not be undone by our own midterm election apathy. Rory is here to recruit you, and so am I. Please help me, and the Stonewall Democrats of Southern Nevada elect Rory Reid the next governor of Nevada

By Laura Martin

Communications Director

Stonewall Democratic Club of Southern Nevada

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