Wednesday, January 6, 2010



Recently, much has been made of Harold Ford XIV (or whatever) eyeing the New York senate seat of Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, a fellow Democrat.

While I am usually supportive of young Black men who are making their way in politics in my chosen party, I have to call out Mr. Ford for what he is; a carpetbagging, homophobe who comes from a corrupt Southern political dynasty and feels that equality is not something that should be extended to homosexual Americans.

The Ford family of Tennessee has for years reigned as the cafe au lait definition of decrepit old school Southern politics. Ever so often they pop a new legacy out and unleash that spawn upon their constituents with the regularity of a Black widow devouring it's trusting mate. They are not above using the “race card” in their Machiavellian maneuvers either. Though able to pass the “paper bag” test with flying colors, the Ford's will cry racism to the highest heavens when they are denied anything they deem their right as Southern Negro Poverty Pimps.

Now, Harold the younger has decided (along with his new Wall St cronies) to aim for the seat of Kirsten Gillibrand who made the fatal mistake of not stepping aside when party elders had decided to give what became her seat to dilettante Caroline Kennedy as a sort of “knighthood” for her family's service to the Democratic Party. From the day she was appointed by Governor David Patterson, she has had a big target painted on her political back.

In a decidedly cynical move, the powers that be are now backing a Southerner with less than four years in New York (and that has been spent on Wall St.. Remember Wall St? Yeah, that's why you're reading this from your foreclosed home.). Why, you may ask?


He's a Negro.

Plain and simple.

Worse part is that Ford knows this ,and yet, his ambitions (petite bourgeois that they are) allow him to be used in this way in order to get what he wants. His backers know that Blacks want a Black face in the Senate and will probably vote for him in all of his high Yella splendor regardless of the fact that neither he nor his family could care less about them.

Now, my dilemma.

Personally, I am often confronted with the question of what I am.



I am both.


However, as a Black man, I have certain rights that are protected by the laws of this great nation. They can not be taken away.

As a Gay man, I am less of a citizen than an illegal alien from anywhere in this world.

I can not get married to another man.

I can be fired in Nevada because I'm Gay regardless of my job performance

I can not serve in the military.

I can not adopt in most states even if a child has been with me since birth.

The list goes on.

I am a Democrat because that “other” party has stated clearly that they don't want my kind (Black or Gay) under their “big tent.”

Fine. I don't go where I'm not welcome.

Mr. Ford has continuously voted against every piece of pro-equality legislation that would give me the full rights that I would enjoy if I denied who I am and just “played straight'.

I won't.

Now, will I sit idly by while MY party anoints someone who feels that I don't deserve the very same rights that his carpetbagging ass has as a matter of course?


MY party needs to understand that the days of LGBT Americans just sitting back ad taking and indignity thrown at us because we have no other choices politically, are over.


We LGBT Democrats are no longer going to sit idly by while homophobes are promoted to the top while we sit outside and beg through the windows for any equality scraps we are given.


No more.

For those of you considering promoting this homophobe Ford to the big time, I suggest you reconsider. While I am a loyal Democrat and a Black man, I am a GAY LOYAL DEMOCRAT AND BLACK MAN and will not just take one more insult.

I don't care if it seems disloyal.

No more.

I urge everyone who cares about equality to reject, to put a stop to, to disavow Harold “homophobe” Ford and his ego driven bid to become a New York Senator.

Sometimes, you just have to do the right thing regardless of what your “friends” think.

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Patric said...

Great post! Well said. You nailed it. His bigotry (he is not only opposed to equality for gay and lesbian people; he even thinks we should enshrine discrimination against gay and lesbian people in our federal and state constitutions!) may have allowed him to come close to winning a Senate seat in Tennessee but, Wall Street backers or not, there is no way he'll be able to sell it to Democratic primary voters in New York.