Tuesday, September 21, 2010


DOD and Repealing DADT

-This has nothing to do with amendments. Today's vote was a vote to begin debate on the bill, which includes the amendment process.

-By preventing us from getting on the bill Republicans are blocking funding and a pay raise for our troops and their ability to introduce their own amendments.

-Republicans aren’t just voting no on the DOD bill, they are literally refusing to even allow us to discuss the bill.

-Had Republicans allowed us to get on the bill votes on amendments would have started on Thursday.

-Repealing DADT was already written into the DOD bill because aside from being the right thing to do, it strengthens our military. Even the Pentagon supports repeal.

-We are closer than ever before to repealing Don’t Ask Don’t Tell and that’s because of Harry Reid.

-Reid is the one who put a repeal of DADT into the DOD bill, Reid is the one who scheduled a vote, and Reid is the one leading the effort to get to 60 votes.

-If passage of this bill is delayed, it’s because of Republican obstructionism, plain and simple.

-When it’s all said and done however, this bill will pass, and DADT will be repealed this Congress.

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