Wednesday, May 11, 2011



Veracity is NOT her strongest point:

Carolyn Goodman says that she just “woke up and decided to run the morning of filing”. NOT TRUE. She has a full campaign staff, signs and T-shirts ready to go. WHY is that important? Do you want a Mayor whose very first statement isn’t true on the day they file?

She told “You People” at The NAACP that she “understands what you go through, I live behind UMC.” She lives “behind UMC” like Las Vegas is next to Los Angeles. Why tell people in the most depressed part of Las Vegas that you “are one of them” when you live in one of the most exclusive parts of town?

She says that she has debated “18 times”. No one can figure out where that math comes from. The total is closer to six. Carolyn goes by the old adage that if you repeat it enough, it becomes truth. Google what other historical figures lived by that mantra. In addition, she has avoided debates and cancelled debates, even on the little kids at The 100 Academy of Excellence. She has set rules where she will not speak at the same time as her opponent. Why? Possibly she’s afraid that she’ll be shown for the inexperienced candidate that she is.

She has NO experience at all:

Carolyn can say all day and night that she has run a non-profit for 30 years and that still does not translate into EXPERIENCE. The non-profit world is vastly different from a city with hundreds of millions of dollars in obligations and all sorts of groups that do not live in fear of their jobs if they challenge her. Have you seen the tuition schedule? How is the school non-profit when they are currently charged $22k a year for high school students and REQUIRE alumni to donate to their program every year (at least once a year) after graduation? The tuition rates are higher than UNLV or some out of state college tuitions. It may be non-profit but it sure is profitable. Nonetheless, this doesn’t equal the experience needed to run a major U.S. city in the throes of a recession.

If sitting on the board of a non-profit equals big city government experience, we’re in trouble.

Ok, let’s do the “3am Emergency call” scenario. It’s 3am and the Mayors phone rings to tell her that there is a terrorist hostage situation at a Downtown Casino. Do you want someone who runs a non-profit to answer? What are they going to do, call a donor, stat?

WHO is SHE? Carolyn began by saying that she was “her own candidate”. When people began to ask who that candidate is, she backtracked and began saying she and her husband were a “two for one deal”. Besides insulting the voters who want term limits by being a shill for yet another term of her husband, Carolyn has gone back on her statement that she is “her own candidate.”
WHO are you?

CAROLYN GOODMAN HAS NEVER BEEN A FRIEND OF THE LGBT COMMUNITY: Ask yourself this; where was Carolyn at this years AIDS Walk? PRIDE? HRC Gala? NCOD? Any event at The Center whatsoever? When asked if she supported Gay Marriage she asked, “why can’t Gays just sign a contract and split everything 50/50 when one of you dies?” She said NO to Qvegas for an interview. No Friend to us.


Anonymous said...

This blog is really embarrassing. The lies, biased opinions, and ridiculous scenarios you pose really show that you are more like Dennis Miller WITHOUT a brain.

I hope Chris G isn't aware of your "help" because if she was I would assume that she is smart enough to know that it is doing more hurt, and would ask you to stop.

Anonymous said...

It is really amazing how little you know about the Goodman's Mr. Washington.

They live in the Scotch 80's a mere two blocks from UMC. Also when they arrived in Las Vegas in the early 1960's they lived at the Palm House on Sahara. They were actually quite poor and worked hard to get where they are at today. 

In the comment section of local newspapers you have accused the mayor of being a career politician. If you knew any history you would know he has only held office as Mayor. In addition he will be leaving office with an astonishing 80% approval rating. 

If you would have lived downtown longer then a few years you would see the huge impact the Mayor has had in it's redevelopment. Just ask the myriad of small business owners that have benefited from the Mayor being in office. 

It is outrageous that you have used your position as President of the Stonewall Democratic Club to send out blatant lies as you have done. The irreparable damage you have done to Dan Hinkley's organization not to mention the LGBT community, AFAN and Chris G's campaign is astounding and you should be ashamed of yourself. But of course you have nothing to lose now do you?

marisol said...

@ Anonymous said- first of all what are you afraid of, why don't you identify yourself? Can you be more specific regarding lies?Debates were cancelled Specifically with my organization Sí Se Puede Latino Democratic Caucus. She di say she would speak to our organization however that is prohibited by custom and by-laws. We are a Democratically charted group. Carolyn Goodman is NOT a Democrat. Thirty-five years ago she switched to a Democrat to help a friend win an election and just never switched back.Two years ago Oscar decided in order to represent ALL the people who she should switch to non partisan as did Carolyn.Carolyn claims this has nothing to do with Oscar's famous tiff with President Obama. Carolyn follows this convoluted thinking. What I have written is NOT a lie although I think it's pretty opportunistic of MS. Goodman.

marisol said...

BTW that comment was not from Marisol it was from Vicenta I just happen to be on her account. She's going to have to show me how to open an account.

marisol said...

Oops.I forgot to add calling the undocumented illegal aliens is uber offensive. Did I also say she used the term transvestite to refer to transgender? said...

Just so you know, Stonewall doesn't belong to anyone.

I stand by everything I have said about #oscarswife and with my name, your name is not included.

Laura Martin said...

LOL at these anonymous crybabies threatening you Derek! Carolyn's campaign is scared!

Anonymous said...

I hope Chris G isn't aware of your "help" because if she was I would assume that she is smart enough to know that it is doing more hurt, and would ask you to stop.Nike free run plus Nike free run Sale

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