Monday, April 4, 2011


These are MY views on this years Las Vegas municipal races. This has NO official status nor has any connection to any group I am a part of or anyone who I am employed by.

Chris Giunchigliani (see my previous note on why Chris G. is my choice for Mayor

Larry Brown would have been my choice had Chris G. not entered the race for Mayor. We need a leader in charge after 12 years as the nation's punch line and Larry would be the kind of leader we need now. Larry recently said he would support the repeal of SB283 (Domestic Partnership). He tells me that he misspoke and I believe him He took the time to meet personally with Chris Miller and me when he could have been out campaigning to LISTEN to us about LGBT issues. He is a man of good character and if Chris G. wasn't running, he'd have my vote.

3: George Harris is one of the reasons that downtown is coming back to life in spite of the red tape of the last twelve years. His restaurant, MUNDO, is an elegant yet unassuming place to dine and I wish him all the success in the world. He is absolutely right on wantting Government to stand aside Downtown and let small business owners do what they do best, create jobs. I am not voting for George because I think his views on some of our city's social ills are a tad extreme and hard hearted. I am no bleeding heart liberal, but, I worry the homeless will end up "Soylent Green" under Mr. Harris.

4: Katie Duncan is an amazing woman. She knows more about Green Energy than anyone running other than Chris. She has given Ward 5 a new image in her role as Ward 5 Chamber of Commerce head. I sincerely hope that Chris G. will find a place for her in her administration to advise her on Green Energy. Katie isn't seasoned enough to be the Mayor (her hiring of a "Birther" to be her campaign manager took her out of the running on day one.) ,but, it would be a waste if we don't see Katie Duncan around for the next few years.

5: The Crazy Dude with the Fireman hat. I love this dude because he asked the following question at the NAACP Mayors forum, "ask yourselves, how many of those showgirls over the last twelve years were Black?". BRAVO!

The others I thank for their service and participating in the democratic process. All of which brings us to #oscarswife....

I want a Mayor whom I can trust in the highest office in the city. #ocarswife said right up until the moment she announced that she wasn't interested in being Mayor. She did not tell the truth. You do not wake up one day and decide to run for Mayor of a large city and just happen to have a campaign staff on hand. Right there, I have a problem with your character.

At the NAACP forum #oscarswife referred to the assembled as "you people". She then went on to explain how she understood "your concerns with living in the inner city, I live behind UMC."

She lives "behind UMC" like I live in Puerto Vallarta. I don't. She doesn't. She lives in a neighborhood of million dollar estates protected by guards and gates. There is nothing wrong with that, hell, I want to live in that neighborhood. BUT, I would never try to pass it off as an inner city neighborhood.

At the Latina's In Politics forum, #oscarswife referred to "your rich culture" as if she was greeting the visiting Ballet Folklorico. She then went on to say how every child at "my school" learned Spanish. What is wrong with that? Nada. It is however rather insulting to think that because a group is Latino all they care about is the fact that a bunch of kids in Summerlin can speak Spanish. It was truly patronizing. That and a manufactured shopping trip to Cardenas grocery store really should take her out of the running for any Latino voter.

Lastly, this week she was asked by journalist Steve Friess if she supported the repeal of SB283. She said, well, who the hell knows what she said. Her answer was the equivalent of, "I can see Russia from my front door." at one point she said that Gays should "just get a contract and split everythin 50/50 when one of you died."


Worse was that the next day her campaign manager called back to say that #oscarswife supported SB283 and would not support its repeal. It was SO obvious that she had been told that was the wrong answer ,and further, that she could not be trusted to talk to a reporter on her own and a staffer had been dispatched to fix the situation.

Did I mentioned that this woman who is campaigning on her experience as an educator did not know what the DREAM ACT is?

Explain to me again how this person is qualified to be our next Mayor.

I'm waiting.

That's what I thought.

Please also vote for George Trachtman & Heidi Alamase for judge. They are both fair and honest people who deserve a chance to prove that they will be the best upholders of the law.

WARD 3 is real hard for me. Steve Evans lives and breathes Downtown. There is nothing he doesn't know or hasn't had a hand in as Downtown has reemerged. He would be an amazing city councilman and if I lived in his Ward I would have a very hard time not voting for him.

Adrianna Martinez is a great lady and an Emerge graduate. She understands the needs of the East side of Ward 3 and would make a very capable council person. If she doesn't win this race I fully expect her to come back and go on to even higher office later. I have a personal connection to this lady as well. She took care of me when I was an alternate delegate for Hillary Clinton and made sure that I met all the right people in the Democratic Party which was the very start of my being involved in politics. Yep. Blame her! Good luck my love!

I don't know Bob Coffin, but, the older LGBT leaders who've been here a long time (Senator David Parks, Bob Forbuss) swear by him. He has been a long time supporter of LGBT issues and has been reelected several times, which has to count for something. I know that in my limited time spent with him he reminds me of my old time political heroes like Richard Daly (the Chicago Boss of all Bosses) and I really liked him. When I fianlly make the plunge and run for office, I'll be calling Coffin up and asking for advice.

I did not mention Steve Ross. Just know that he is referred to on Twitter as #ericcartman.

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