Monday, April 4, 2011


This election season was supposed to be the one that I sat out after working so hard to reelect Senator Harry Reid and helping get the heinous "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" repealed.

But then, I met Chris Giunchigliani. I haven't rested since then.

Chris Giunchigliani has a resume that simply blows the other candidates running for Las Vegas Mayor out of the water. If you know me, resumes mean nothing to me. What has really impressed me is that different constituency groups have come to me and asked how could they help because Chris G wrote this bill or helped out that person and they wanted make sure she was our next Mayor. Black peoplle, Latinos, Women's groups, and Animal Rights Activists all came out and demanded to be a part of the "G-Unit". For the very first time, the Las Vegas Asian American community has come out in force to help Chris G win the Mayoral race. The Korean and Vietnamese community have both endorsed Chris G (the first time either group has endorsed a candidate!).

Chris has the only diverse campaign staff. Yes, the ONLY diverse campaign staff of any of the candidates running for Mayor of Las Vegas. They're are young and old, every color under the rainbow and LGBT all volunteering to help her be the next Mayor of Las Vegas. Don't you want a Mayor who undertsands that diversity if the key to a successful world class city?

I have a story that tells you the kind of Mayor Las Vegas will have with Chris G.

I work as a Diversity Outreach Consultant. A group of young Black women I'm helping invited Chris to come and speak to the at risk girls they are mentoring. Chris showed up after a long day at the County Commission and campaigning alone and as fresh as if she had just started her day. She spoke to the girls for about an hour and at the end of the talk she said, "before I leave, I have something for one of you." I had told Chris a few days before that one of the girls had just completed her courses and received her High School diploma. Chris took the time to get the young lady a certificate from the County congratulating this young lady.

That's who Chris G is. There were no voters, no press. Just a bunch of girls in West Las Vegas who mostly were too young to vote.

I could go forever about Chris G.

I won't.

I am just going to ask you to vote for Chris Giunchigliani For Mayor of Las Vegas.


Anonymous said...

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